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Seven Money Saving Tips
Hyland-Beckman Garden by Bob Hyland 
Oregon State University Extension Service and Oregon Master Gardeners™ invite you to the 2017 International Conference of Master Gardeners, July 10 - 14. We're planning an exciting conference at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. Our schedule for the conference includes an array of gardening sessions, tours, a mini film festival, regional mixers to network with other Master Gardeners, and a trade show.

Leaf Urns, Hyland-Beckman Garden design 
Registration will open on October 10th. To help plan your trip, we offer a few ideas to stretch your dollars.

1. Oregon has no sales tax - Save up now to spend in Oregon.

2. Register Early - 'Early Bird' registration saves!

3. Declare your status as a Master Gardener - Master Gardeners save even more!

4. Stay at a conference hotel -
We negotiated the best deals at three conference hotels. Take advantage of our hard work for the best combination of location, accommodation, and price.

5. Find a roommate - All hotels offer the same flat rate for single, double, triple and quad occupancy. Take advantage of these rates to save more and double the fun.

6. Use MAX from the airport - Take the MAX (a light rail) from

The Hyland-Beckman Garden in Portland.
 Photo by Bob Hyland

  the airport to our
conference hotels.
The 30-minute ride costs $2.50 (up to 64 years of age) and $1.25 (age 65 or greater or those with a disability).

7. Try good eats at bargain prices - Portland is known for outstanding food, including low-cost food carts and small eateries. You don't need to pay for white linen to enjoy a good meal.

Photographs in this issue are from the Hyland-Beckman Gar den in Portland, Oregon.
Key dates for the 2017 IMGC:

Early Bird registration:
October 10, 2016 through January 13, 2017

Hotel code release:
October 10, 2016
for three conference hotels within a 10-minute walk of the Oregon Convention Center.

Semperviven trough, Hyland Garden Design. Photo by Bob Hyland

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