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September 2015

IMIA is an international organization where mapmakers, publishers, geospatial technology companies, location-based services, content producers, and distributors come together to both connect and to conduct business in the spatial information and map related industry. It is a global organization and welcomes members from every corner of the globe. The Association is made up of three regions: IMIA EAME (Europe, Africa and Middle East), IMIA Americas (North America, South America, Canada, and Mexico) and IMIA Asia Pacific (Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific).


The IMIA Report reports the current issues of the worldwide mapping industry giving members information on new products, member news, plus items of interest to those in the industry. We encourage all members to send to IMIA Headquarters their new product information and press releases for distribution. Advertising is available.   

MapSherpa & NextByte Technologies Join Hands to Develop
Magento Extension for Custom Maps
We are pleased to announce a mutual agreement between MapSherpa & NextByte Technologies for deploying a software solution to integrate MapSherpa On Demand into Magento based eCommerce websites.
Custom Maps from MapSherpa On Demand
MapSherpa On Demand allows end users to easily create and purchase their own custom maps online and in-store that are then printed and delivered to the customer through map retail partners. These maps are then generated from high quality publisher content available through the MapSherpa Marketplace. Content from National Geographic, Ordnance Survey, A-Z Maps, TomTom and many others is available to create high quality custom maps for business, art, travel, and leisure activities. Maps are generated in forms suitable for wall maps, folded products and wall paper, in sizes varying from page size to covering a full wall.
NextByte Technologies' Magento Extension for MapSherpa
NextByte Technologies have now developed a software module that integrates a Magento based website with MapSherpa On Demand. The solution integrates all products from the MapSherpa Marketplace directly into a client's Magento website. The products can now be searched using a Magento website's default search and customized within Magento environment without leaving the client's website. The end customer pays through the client's payment gateway just like all other products on their eCommerce website. The solution not only enhances the user experience, usability and search of these products, but also quickly adds all products from the marketplace to a client's website as their own URLs. This adds additional value through more products and search engine reach to the client's website. This all happens behind the scene as the Magento store automates import and syncing of products from the MapSherpa Marketplace.
Limited Time Offer
MapSherpa is offering a financial incentive program to the first 10 customers, who commit to implementation by NextByte Technologies. These customers will be rebated the full expected integration cost through discounted fees on future map sales.
The extension has been developed and will be available for live demo during the IMIA's Americas Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. We shall also be available at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October and the upcoming IMIA's Asia Pacific Conference in November in Brisbane. 

NCERT Introduces Web Portal for Geography Students
By Indian Express | Chandigarh | Published:September 14, 2015 3:52 am
In a circular issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), all affiliated schools have been asked to make students aware about this web portal.
A geography teacher at a government model senior secondary school said, "Geography is comparatively easy, but then only those students who find working on maps interesting wish to take up this subject at the higher level. This web portal will surely attract a lot of students, and their knowledge will also increase."
Kavita Das, Principal, St John's School, said, "With this web portal, geography will come alive. It will act as an educative video game for students since they will get to know the results while working on it. It will be a hands-on experience without teachers having to dictate anything. The best part is that the web portal takes you to the main link of the MHRD, which has a lot of things for students to learn about from across the country."
Journey Across India's Spiritual History with Vintage Maps

A collection of 72 ancient Indian maps of pilgrimage routes and temples chronicles the art of map-making and its relevance in the contemporary world of technically-aided aesthetic. The scale does not matter because the work of art is a map. The focus is the experience and not the exactness of distances between two places marked on it.
The trajectories of a nation's evolution and physical existence have always been defined by maps since the first visual representations of the world appeared around 5 - 6th century BC based on a paradigm of a flat earth.
The map more often for the cartographer and the viewer concerned transcends the boundaries of terrain to become a work of art depending on the creativity that factors the spatial and the aesthetic dimensions of the visuals and the refinement of execution. A colorful physical map of a place is always a joy to behold.
Seventy-two such vintage maps of India are currently on display at the National Museum in New Delhi. Mounted by the Kalakriti Archives based in Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, the show titled, "Cosmology to Cartography: A Cultural Journey of Indian Maps" gives the visitor fresh opportunity to understand the evolution of the ancient art of map making and its relevance to contouring the progress of Indian culture - a legacy of 5,000 years beginning with the Indus Valley Civilization.
Spanning 400 years until the early 19th century, the narrative of these maps broadens through the transition of cartographic depictions of the ancient European conception of the Indian subcontinent. To read more:  http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/206574/journey-across-indias-spiritual-history-with-vintage-maps.
 Loud & Proud: NCAA Stadiums
The home field advantage is sought after by many teams in competitive sports. NCAA football provides us with stadiums filled with fans who really know how to pump up the volume on game day. Whether it's a signature sing-a-long or marching band anthem, each venue has its own trademark blast of affection for the home team.
This web map from Esri provides an overview of a handful of NCAA stadiums that really bring the noise! Find out if your team made the cut. You can embed this map into your site with the following code:
<iframe width="100%" height="640px" src=" http://www.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=e998a558ce464ed9b6d669786ae38113&webmap=35335534dded4b84b422a43d1cf1e112 " frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>  
Times Square Prepares for the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2015
Hugg-a-Planet participating in the International Day of Peace
TomTom Extends the Delivery of Maps and Navigation Software
to SsangYong Motors in Europe on New Korando
September 15, 2015 01:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

FRANKFURT, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TomTom today announces the extension of its cooperation with South Korea's SsangYong Motors. TomTom's maps and navigation software, already offered for the Tivoli model, will also be included on the new Korando model throughout Europe from September 2015.
More drivers across Europe will now benefit from TomTom's maps and superior turn-by-turn navigation, featuring TomTom routes, which provide the fastest route based on actual speed data, for mapped roads, for every time of the day, for every day of the week. The system has been enhanced with some additional functionalities, such as routing calculation through waypoints and Traffic information via RDS-TMC. "We are happy to extend the partnership with SsangYong and Digen (as AVN supplier) to bring our maps and navigation software to more drivers," said Jan-Maarten de Vries, VP Automotive at TomTom. "This deal further strengthens TomTom's position as a leading provider of automotive-grade maps, software and services."
About TomTom
At TomTom (TOM2) our mission is to make technology so easy to use, that everyone can achieve more. We created easy to use navigation devices, helping millions of people to get where they want to be. Today, we continue to simplify the complex, making technology more accessible for everyone.
We serve four different markets: Consumer, Telematics, Automotive and Licensing. We make easy to use navigation devices, sport watches and action cameras for consumers. We enable businesses with vehicles to more easily manage and improve fleet efficiency whilst increasing overall business performance with our Telematics solutions. We also offer a world leading real-time map platform that is powering innovative location based services and helping to make automated driving a reality for the automotive industry. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, we have over 4,200 employees worldwide and sell our products in over 46 countries.
About TomTom Automotive
TomTom Automotive is the trusted partner for innovative and future-proof navigation technology for the global automotive industry. As a global leader in connected navigation software, traffic information, and digital real-time maps, we offer Automotive OEMs the modular components to create competitive infotainment systems, as well as the technology to enable the future self-driving cars to see beyond their sensors.
The Regions Most at-risk for Atlantic Hurricanes in 3 Maps
The Washington Post
By Ian Livingston September 14, 2015
Hurricane segments of all storms in the Atlantic Ocean from 1851 - 2014. The Pacific Ocean straggler was Irene in the Atlantic Ocean to start, back in 1971. Colors are stacked from category 1 through category 5 here to highlight the most intense activity.

Despite the record-breaking landfall drought, hurricane history has shown time and again that the U.S. is very much at risk from these monsters of the weather world.

During hurricane season, all of the coastal Atlantic regions are in play to some extent. But are there areas more favored than others to see a hurricane. And with more than 160 years of hurricane data to sift through, there are plenty of tales to be told and clues to unearth.

Looking back through all of the hurricanes on record since 1851, we can plot the areas that are historically most at-risk for hurricanes, from the modestly weak to the monstrously intense.

This is hurricane country
Hurricane season is often referred to as "tropics season," the tropics being roughly defined in the Atlantic as the area from the equator to north to 23 degrees latitude. The region does not include any of the continental United States, ending just south of Florida. It does cover the main development region to the west of Africa, and then across the Caribbean as well as Central America into South America.

But the tropics is not where all storms form and mature. A majority of the hurricane activity occurs to the north of the tropics, in either the subtropic or temperate zones across the North Atlantic. This happens partly because a lot of storms tend to bend north as they become stronger. And in many cases, continental low pressure systems and their ventilation-supporting upper level troughs can temporarily help a hurricane develop as it picks it up and sends it out to sea.

Another dominant hurricane passageway can be seen from the western Caribbean up into the Gulf of Mexico. But even here, a place we generally think of as a breeding ground for behemoth storms, the total cumulative numbers are lower than the region off the East Coast, and the Mid-Atlantic in particular.

That rogue track across Central America and into the eastern Pacific Ocean included Hurricane Irene of 1971, which later became major hurricane Olivia on the other side of Mexico. Irene was one of only a handful of storms to make that hop across land, but was the strongest storm to redevelop on the other side.
Where the majors live
For hurricanes, the track up the East Coast is something of a death march. As a hurricane gets further north it typically encounters cooler water and a more disruptive atmosphere. Although there is often strengthening off the East Coast as storms cross the warm Gulf Current, it is often temporary.

The real hurricane beasts - those rated Category 3 or stronger with winds of at least 111 mph - have tended to live in a smaller zone, based on history. We call these major hurricanes, in no small part because they are a major problem for whoever is in their path.

Violent hurricanes tend to favor the tropics
The stomping grounds of the strongest hurricanes shrinks even farther to the south. The most intense storms - those rated Category 4 and 5 - are thankfully few and far between, but they still target a lot of highly-populated real estate.

For Category 4s, with wind speeds of at least 130 mph, we again see a clear path just north of the Greater Antilles and toward the Bahamas and southern Florida. In fact, the Miami region is among the most likely to see such storms. Something we can keep in mind when recalling that it has now been almost 10 years since the last major hurricane hit that region, or anywhere in the United States for that matter.

The "Katrina track" north through the Gulf of Mexico is also quite noticeable. It includes well-known storms such as Betsy (1965) and the Chenier Caminanda Hurricane (1893), among others.

The  Category 5 only map - not embedded because there are not many data points - keeps with the southern focus as strength increases. And we generally see that while a majority of Atlantic hurricane conditions occur outside the tropics, the biggest and baddest hurricanes are those in and near the tropics.

Why's that? To

Syndicated RIP HopStop, a Gift to the Directionally Challenged 
By Computer Magazine * 
                Names on the Land: The Role of the U.S. Board on Geographic Names
Posted on February 28, 2014 at 11:32 am
Last update 12:17 pm By: Jon Campbell, joncampbell@usgs.gov
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, Shakespeare's character famously said. No question there. We can all agree on that, sweet Juliet.
How would Juliet's naming logic apply to places? A place by any other name would certainly still exist. But, with a different name or multiple names, how could that place be readily identified? How could it be found?
Geographic names, the reference words we use for particular places, are among the most elementary and organic parts of language. Even a prehistoric man needed to use distinctive names to tell to his family and friends where he found berries or crossed the river. In modern societies, geographic names have many more uses and complexities.
Let's have standards, please
As more and more people at greater and greater distances have a reason to refer to a particular place, the potential for confusion rises if that place has different names or the same name is used for different places. There have to be widely-accepted standards for the vast number of geographic names we have access to so that each name can be used reliably on maps and in official documents. Some authoritative organization has to set standards for the spelling and application of geographic names so they can be used consistently as commonly understood references in government, commerce, and everyday life.
The USGS topographic map (above) uses the name Morse Island for the same feature that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers map (right) calls Casey's Island. The BGN works with federal agencies to avoid such conflicts and approves a single name for use on all federal products.

Consider the alternative. Without systematic standards for geographic names, we wouldn't be able to use them routinely in digital environments. We wouldn't be able to find places in an instant on mobile devices and see their correct location on electronic maps.

The U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN) is the interagency organization established to maintain uniform geographic name usage throughout the federal government. It provides the official place names required by law for use in federal government publications, including maps, web sites, and documents. The standardized spelling and use of geographic names allows the federal government to communicate clearly and unambiguously about places, reducing the potential for confusion.

While the Board's authority only applies to the federal government, the Board's decisions and its standards of use for geographic names are almost always followed by state and local governments and by commercial organizations. The BGN does not initiate naming or renaming actions. It responds to proposals received from Federal agencies; State, local, and Tribal governments; and the public.

The usefulness of standardizing geographic names is well proven, even if it is often taken for granted. The United Nations actively supports international standardization of geographic names by encouraging strong programs of national standardization. More than 50 nations have some type of national names authority.

LandScan 2014 Global Population Database Released by East View
Minneapolis, MN, USA. September 8, 2015 -East View is pleased to announce our worldwide release of the LandScan 2014 Global Population Database.
LandScan is developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the United States Department of Defense. Annually updated since the year 2000, this represents the 16th version of LandScan.
This award-winning database provides the ambient population distribution at a high resolution of one square kilometer covering all inhabited land mass on Earth.
For this new release, very special attention was given to Ukraine and the Middle East where ongoing conflict has presented significant challenges for calculating the population distribution values.
East View is the exclusive worldwide distributor of LandScan, fulfilling the population data needs of individual researchers, academic institutions, government agencies, humanitarian organizations and businesses around the world.

Notable improvements in this new release include:
  • Updated results from the 2010 - 2014 rounds of census activities for numerous countries were integrated into this new version of LandScan, significantly refining the population distribution.
  • Population totals and distributions of Ukraine, Syria and Iraq were adjusted to account for internally displaced people and refugee movement as of May 2015.
  • Results from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's "LandScan HD" database, recently developed at a high resolution of 3 arc-seconds, were aggregated and incorporated into the LandScan 2014 Global Population Database for specific national and regional areas.
  • Imagery provided by the NGA from Digital Globe and other high-resolution imagery sources was used extensively for verification and validation to improve the spatial precision and values of the population distribution.
 About East View
East View was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. East View is comprised of East View Information Services (www.eastview.com), East View Geospatial (www.geospatial.com) and East View Map Link (www.maplink.com).
East View maintains thousands of supplier / publisher relationships throughout the world for maps and geospatial data and Russian, Arabic and Chinese-produced social and hard science content. East View manages a data center, library and warehouse in Minneapolis, where it hosts and stores dozens of foreign language databases, hundreds of thousands of maps and atlases and millions of geospatial, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic metadata records.
 These are the Hardest Places for Minimum Wage Workers to Live 


The Washington Post

September 15, 2015

You might have a rough sense that workers who earn the minimum wage in America aren't making enough to cover the cost of a decent living. But how big is that gap really?
A professor at MIT created a new interactive map that shows where it's hardest for those earning the minimum wage to get by. Amy Glasmeier created a tool called "The Living Wage Calculator," which shows the hourly rate that an individual needs to earn to support their family for every county in the country. She then used the information to create the map pictured below, which shows the difference between the minimum wage and the amount of money needed to meet a minimum standard of living around the U.S.

The interactive map lets you look at how the gap between the minimum wage and a "living wage" differs for a single adult, a single parent with one child, and a parent with a spouse and two children, for different regions around the U.S. The darker red areas indicate a large gap between what someone makes earning the minimum wage and what they need to survive, while the orange areas are a smaller gap.

Glasmeier defines the living wage as the amount needed to cover basic family expenses, including food, child care, insurance, health care, housing, transportation, and taxes. She draws the estimates for these costs from official sources, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. She then divides that total over a work-year of 2,080 hours (52, 40-hour work weeks) to estimate the "living wage," what people need to earn per hour to afford these basic necessities.

There are a few reasons this gap varies around the country, Glasmeier says. Often cities will tend to have much higher costs of living, creating large gaps in urban areas even if the minimum wage there is relatively high. In rural areas, however, a relatively low minimum wage is more likely to come closer to meeting a family's basic needs.

The map shows that the East Coast, especially the high-cost urban areas of Washington and New York, are some of the most challenging places for minimum-wage workers to make ends meet. Here is what the map looks like for single parents with one child living in cities around the U.S.

In Washington, a living wage for a single parent with one child is $30.36, while the minimum wage is only $9.50, leaving a gap of $20.86. Unsurprisingly, the Bay Area also shows up as relatively unaffordable by this measure. Perhaps more surprisingly, the map shows that life is relatively hard for those earning the minimum wage in Wisconsin, Colorado, New York, Florida, and Maine.

Regardless of where you are in the country, urban areas tend to be pretty expensive. Here is the same data, for a single parent with one child, in urban areas in the U.S. For single adults with no children, things look more affordable, though there is still a gap. The only state in which there is not a gap is Washington State, where in some places (shown in green below) the cost of living is actually lower than the minimum wage. For minimum wage workers in the U.S., it's a rare exception.

Try out the map for yourself here.

By Emily Goodrich
TCarta Marine has been working on creating an extensive database worldwide for Marine Features. These
features include: bays, islands, inlets, channels, geographical points, and so much more. We're hoping the public would like to utilize this product to search for a certain beach or cove and up pops our detailed bathymetry data with it.  

Looking for a good fishing or swimming spot in the Bahamas? You can zoom to an area, or type in a particular island, beach or cove you're interested in. Our bathymetry and contours will be visually available to pan around to find that fishing hole you've been searching for.

Crowdsourcing? We're hoping in the near future the public can add detailed coastal marine features. Printable Maps??? Yes! Do you have a special Bahama Island you would like detailed bathymetric mapping for? We're working on this too. Please inquire if you are interested.

Contact Us Today:
New Sunshine State Maps Add Forest Service Data

Recently released US Topo maps for Florida now feature more trails using data provided by the U.S. Forest Service as well as trail information from other federal, state and private sources. Several of the 1,028 new maps for Florida now display parts of the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST) and other designated public trails. Further notable upgrades to the new quadrangles include map symbol redesign, enhanced railroad information, and new road source data. Another source for selected trail data is provided to the USGS through a nationwide "crowdsourcing" project managed by the International Mountain Biking Association.  http://on.doi.gov/1FfIPlQ.

IMIA Asia Pacific New Members
TopoDude Inc
Greg Lauer / Technical Director
P.O. Box 4337
Gumdale, Queensland 4154 Australia
TopoDude is changing the way we look at topographic maps. We are creating a digital framework to enable access to topographical mapping from over 120 countries directly to your device.
Hoe Chee Yam
Andi Yam
17/38 Great Western Highway
Parramatta New South Wales 2150 Australia  
Hoe Chee Yam is a consultant, geographic information systems company.
Rudma Tek Pty Ltd
Chris Schlebusch / Principal Consultant & Director
42 Arbour Street
Bridgeman Downs, Queensland 4035 Australia
Rudma Tek is an innovative GIS solutions provider. Assisting clients with infrastructure, software and project support in addition to traditional cartography and GIS analysis.
New Student Members
Chad Ajamian                                                                                    
Macquarie University
Sophie Hatcher
RMIT University Australia
Ashleigh Turner
Queensland University of Technology
Jenny Mahuika
University of Queensland

Florencia Matina Tuladhar
TERI University, New Delhi, India
IMIA Asia Pacific Region Conference
Brisbane 15 - 17 November 2015  
IMIA Asia Pacific Map Awards
Send in your entries now for the IMIA 2015 Map Awards - open to members for items published between 1st July 2014 - 30th September 2015. Closing date for entries to be received by is 24th October 2015.
IMIA Student Mapping / Geospatial Project Competition w ith this year being the 'International Year of the Map'. IMIA would like to take this opportunity to engage with emerging spatial professionals and provide a platform for undergraduate students to showcase their work through a Student Mapping / Geospatial Project Competition.
We have a comprehensive Conference Program highlighting the 'International Year of the Map' and focusing on the importance of maps and geospatial information and how they are used in the world today.
Join us in Brisbane to e xpand your network, increase your knowledge, participate in the Business Connect Session to find new business partners and learn what's happening in Government mapping.
Come together for information sharing to benefit your business IMIA Brisbane Registration.  
Sponsorships are still available, many with registration, exhibitor tables and web advertising included. 

IMIA Asia Pacific Sponsors

Welcome to our Media Partners
Brisbane International GIS Day
To allow conference delegates to attend both events, this year Brisbane GIS Day will run the day after the IMIA Asia Pacific Conference creating an epic three day geospatial event to celebrate the ' International Year of the Map 2015 - 2016.
IMIA Americas New Members

Owen Grant / Project Director & Owner
Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
556 Harmston Avenue
Courtenay, B.C. V9N2 2X5 Canada
Tel:  250/897-39853
Baseline Archaeological Services Ltd., an archaeological consulting company, is a public organization in Courtenay, BC. With five employee s and $793,988 in annual revenue, the company is slightly larger than and generates more revenue than the average noncommercial research organization.

Jade Smithers / Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Chase Durable Paper Products
295 University Avenue
Westwood, MA 02090 USA
Tel:  0044 1932 561144
Paper Tyger® is a new range of high quality, technologically advanced, cost competitive, laminated papers suitable for a wide variety of applications where the integrity of the material is paramount. Manufactured by a patented, unique, solvent-free laminating process, all Paper Tyger papers are tear, burst and water resistant.
Of special interest is the unique 120gsm PaperTyger Defender RFID Shield, designed specifically for use in the emerging RFID marketplace where it provides total security for RFID cards.

Sam Hooper / Graduate Research Assistant
Oregon State University
104 CEOAS Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331 USA
Tel:  443/980-0033
Oregon State University (OSU) is a coeducational, public research university in Corvallis, Oregon, United States. The university offers more than 200 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs and has the largest total enrollment in Oregon. More than 160,000 people have attended OSU since its founding. The Carnegie Foundation classifies Oregon State University as a research university, with very high research activity and designates it a 'Community Engagement' university.

Jesse Johnson / Forester
Southern Timberland Consultants
1551 Jennings Mill Road, Suite 1400-A
Bogart, GA 30622 USA
Tel:  706/614-4855
Is it possible to maximize your forest land's investment and still protect it for future generations? For owners of forest land in Georgia, the answer is YES! The staff of Southern Timberland Consultants shares your passion for the land. With 27 years of forest real estate experience, they bring an understanding of your forest land's total value, not just the timber value. Far too often, owners of forest property make management decisions that lower the overall value of the property. The management professionals at Southern Timberland Consultants advise you on what's best for the overall health and value of the property.

Kyle Goodrich / President
TCarta Marine
2417 Hooker Street
Denver, CO 80211 USA
Tel:  303/284-6144
TCM is the world's foremost supplier of bathymetric data for near-shore areas around the world. Our data fill the gap between low-resolution data sets and the highly accurate but limited coverage provided by hydrographic surveys. TCM data provide a level of detail that approaches that of survey data, but at a fraction of the cost. Our coverage area extends over the world's entire littoral zone, from the shoreline to the edge of the continental shelf. Our data are used in a variety of industries; oil and gas exploration and production, environmental research, archaeology, telecommunications, fishing, and many others.

Martin Hage / Quality Assurance
Trinity Graphic USA
885 Tallevast Road
Sarasota, FL 34243 USA
Tel:  941/355-2636
We believe the best large format printing is a combination of both art and science. At Trinity Graphic, we've been doing both for over 45 years-and delivering extraordinary results every day for our clients. Welcome to Graphic Paradise™! With our vast experience and state-of-the-art technologies, Trinity Graphic is your "single source" to achieve your objectives for the best signage, retail branding, displays, packaging, digital wall décor and promotional solutions.

Here at Trinity Graphic, we are merging the science of high quality, wide-format digital printing, with the design and art of our clients to yield a breathtaking image on wallpapers, banners, displays, window laminates, retail promotions. Every project is meticulously planned and executed to perfection by an experienced staff and the latest technology.
IMIA Americas Conference Sponsors

IMIA Americas Conference -  'International Map Year 2015 - 2016'

September 27 - 29, 2015

Washington Hilton / Washington, D.C. USA



The Washington Monument


Please visit www.imiaconferences.com for all the forms to sign up for the IMIA Americas Conference & Member Showcase in Washington, D.C. Email your completed forms to Linda Hill at lindahill76@cox.netQuestions? Call 310.940.7601 and we shall do out best to help you.


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