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Newsletter - September 2023

"Patients and Evaluable Data Delivered"

IMIC Inc is a research center in Miami. Established as a clinical research center, we are equipped with all necessary equipment and trained staff to enroll patients in clinical trials. Proudly serving South Florida since 2009.

Dr. Nikolov states "We have been operating since 2009 as a research center here in Miami. The new site next to Jackson South in Miami is a continuation from the Palmetto Bay site and has been fully operational since January 2023.

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IMIC Inc. Clinical Research began in 2009 as a dedicated research clinic in cooperation with 2 physicians. Now we work with 9 physicians and are recruiting from a large population in Miami-Dade county – Larger Miami – around 2.6 million people. Now after contracting more physicians our Principal Investigators’ practices have active database of over 37,000 patients

The research department has access to electronic searchable databases by billed diagnoses, so we are able to run searches for specific patient populations. We also maintain a research patient database of patients expressed a wish to participate or former participants in clinical trials in numerous diagnoses of around 2,900 subjects. We have participated in more than 137 studies phases 1 to 4.

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