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 Personal Ego vs. Universal Identity  
Audio version read by Rev. Steven Lane Taylor, B.Msc.
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The battle within humans rages on. It's the battle between the personal ego and one's true Universal Identity. Whatever state of consciousness is winning, the battle for supremacy and control of the body, mind, and soul is dictating how people's lives are turning out, both within themselves and in their outer life, which for the most part is a mirror-a reflection of the consciousness within.
Most people today fall into an "in-between" state of consciousness; that is, while the personal ego is catered to, the Universal Identity, or God, is given some measure of control. Even these people who do turn over some degree of power to God may be so steeped in traditional religious dogma that a real sense of Universal Identity is lost in the mental shuffle.
Therefore, whatever focus is on God is split between a God of love on one hand, and an image of a vengeful God on the other. Such theology washes out the good, or love, in most people's minds, due to their acceptance of the hateful and wrathful. The only spiritual concept that can be positively effective in your life, then, is one that emphasizes-as Christ did-your oneness of identity with the Universal Identity, or God.

Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters' "The Theocentric Way of Life," Volume 3: Module 19.  

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... From the Foreward

I had no idea when I first met Dr. Paul Leon Masters in 1994, which prompted me to register with the University of Metaphysics, obtain my first degree in 1996, and have the honor of serving as an Associate Minister at University Church in Las Vegas, that it would lead to the lifetime of study, service, and satisfaction that it has. During that time I would have welcomed a book such as this. Fortunately the ideas, concepts, and encouragement for the daily process of meditation for contacting the presence of God were already being taught by Dr. Masters.
            His guidance and wisdom were always available to me, and others. I remember his famous reply to some difficulty or other, "The God-power within you is greater than..."
            There was a time that I was counseling a young couple with marital problems and I was feeling inadequate. I asked Dr. Masters how I could give advice or suggestions about improving their marriage when I myself had been through a divorce. His brilliant reply was, "Don't confuse the messenger with the message."
            Although I have been practicing meditation on a regular basis for many years, I still found, in this book, words of wisdom and new ways of approaching meditation to help provide balance in my life.  This is a book that you will want to read more than once, possibly highlighting passages, as I have, to look back on from time to time.
            Dr. Masters once told me, "The word, meditate, simply means to ponder. You give yourself to the practice of meditation in order to receive that which is for your growth and understanding; and also to become a channel of blessing to others in your life."
           You go into meditation to commune with the God-power within you, and to enjoy the inner renewal of mind and body which that communion can bring, and to get ideas and guidance from that indwelling intelligence and apply it to your daily life.

 This book will not only show you why, but how.
            Whether you have been meditating for some time or are new to the process, this book will bring you closer to contacting the presence of God within you. I believe it will become the standard by which other books on the subject will be judged.  I think you will both enjoy, and benefit from reading it.

Richard P. (Dick) Caldwell D.Min.
Vice President, International Metaphysical Ministry
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