May 2020
Dear Friends,

I am called to write you a love letter. Like the best love letters, it is budding with affection, sloppy, flattering, unexpected, and filled with prickly and necessary truths. Because I'm the one writing it like you to picture it in a tiny pink envelope, completely unlabelled, with lip prints where the seal folds down (barely visible, of course, because they'd have to be done with chapstick). Inside is a white card, not a folded piece of paper, but pricey card stock covered in my oversized print.

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What do you do to keep a sense of community connections during this period of lock down? Are there things you might consider doing to support and enhance your sense of community while locked down?
My sense of community has expanded during lock down because of frequent collaboration with people in different countries; my involvement in global networks has vastly increased. On the other hand, I’m more attentive to seasonal change unfolding right here in my yard and in the park next door because of being physically here during daylight hours. Work-wise, I have an office to myself at home, and I can get so much more done here and without the stress of shared desk stations—it is so wonderful to be able to function with ease. The necessity to get quickly up to speed to teach online means I’ve learned new venues of interaction and participation, which has been lots of fun. I am more connected with spouse John in pleasant proximity, and connected intentionally with friends and family. I love it; I’m much happier, eating more regularly and getting better sleep.”
— Annalisa Raymer
We have nurtured a relationship with our next door neighbors for more than a decade now so when this all started we made it a priority to stay connected at a distance. Once or twice a week, we pull out our lawn chairs and visit, sometimes with a beverage or bowl of curry... sometimes around the fire pit. Each time, we share our news, views, struggles and joys. They are a couple with a teen & a ten year old, two jobs... one in a skilled nursing facility, one in a school so they are as busy as we 'freelancers are idled. It's no fun on either side of this coin since we're all in a state of suspended animation wondering what s next.
— Blair Jennings
I feel so fortunate to be part of Eco-Village especially at this time. We greet one another and ask how we are doing. We make masks for each other. I'm part of a group of seven who share a usually weekly supper and now we do that on Zoom. It's been a really important way for us to stay connected and we are checking-in on a deeper level now. It's good. I'm also calling my mom every evening much more than my usual weekly check-in. She's in assisted living at a Quaker-directed continuing care village.
— Shirley Way
I am finding this deeper space among Friends as I worship with the community of 150 Friends who gather each morning for worship at Pendle Hill. Thank you, Angela.
— Angela Hopkins

Note the Date: June Meeting for Business

Please note that June's Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business will be June 1st; that is, the first Sunday rather than our usual second Sunday. We will convene at 12:30p, allowing Friends a moment to grab a bite for lunch after the close of Sunday worship.
Spring Gathering and Summer Sessions to convene remotely
Our regional gatherings of Friends Spring Gathering and the NYYM gathering traditionally held at Silver Bay will occur online this year.
Website has COVID-19 Resources
For information about participating in IMM events and other Quaker events, we have assembled some COVID-19 resources on our website.
From the Archives:
Joshua and Edith Cope
Joshua and Edith Cope were among the active founders of Ithaca Monthly Meeting. Joshua (1887-1950) was born in Hatsboro, PA, attended the Westtown School, obtained a B.S. from Haverford College in 1912 (Phi Beta Kappa), and an M.F. from the Yale School of Forestry in 1914. 

May Calendar of Ithaca Monthly Meeting
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
Sunday, May 3rd at 12:30p
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business will be held Sunday, May 3rd at 12:30. This is a change from our usual schedule to accommodate Mother's Day.
Worship Sharing
Tuesday, May 5, 7pm

Please watch the listserv for more information.
Quaker Guys Lunch on Zoom!
Thursday, May 7, noon

Bring your own lunch and join for a casual discussion of Friendly men and those who don't mind talking to them.
Thursday Evening Religious Education

Thursday, May 7, 7p - QuakerSpeak Discussion
Thursday, May 14, 7p - Quaker Basics: Friends testimonies in various contexts
Thursday, May 21, 7p - QuakerSpeak Discussion
Thursday, May 28, 7p - Quaker Basics: What is Quaker Process?
Earthcare Committee Meeting
Sunday, May 10th at 1p
All are welcome to attend.
Women's Fellowship is Zooming
Friday, May 15, 6:30p

Bring your knitting, wear your best sweatpants, and join us for an informal hangout. Hope to see you there!
Peace and Social Justice Committee
Sunday, May 17th, 12:30p

All are welcome.
Women s Chair Yoga now by Zoom
Monday & Thursdays, 11a to noon
People are joining in now from several states, so being new to this activity isn’t a problem. Lots of focus on lung health these days. Email Nancy Gabriel by the evening before in order to receive the link:
120 Third Street • Ithaca NY 14850
Gina Varrichio, Clerk

Pat Sewell, Treasurer
Marin Clarkberg, Newsletter editor
Newsletter contributions due on
last Monday of the month at 5pm