March 2022
How strong and beautiful our lives are, dear Friends.
In Ukraine, children are born in bomb shelters and basements!
May God bless them and their parents. People come to this world. Against all malice and hatred, against all circumstances of war - life continues and the Light of the love of God gives us all joy, not only for parents but for all Ukrainians.

— Quakers of Kyiv, Ukraine / Квейкери Києва, Facebook post
Project Connect

Friends on the Ministry & Worship Committee have begun a new effort to reach out to Friends that we are calling ‘Project Connect’. Barbara Barry was part of the envisioning and planning for this and also made some calls early on for which we will always be grateful. 

A small group of Friends is continuing to make calls to see how Friends are doing and check in with their spiritual life. We intend to call all Friends, both those we haven’t seen for a while, and eventually those we see almost every week in an ongoing effort to connect with Friends informally, over the phone.  We are hoping to have had a conversation with everyone before the end of the year. We’re hoping this effort will help us hear Spirit through each other and help us discern our way forward as a community.
In addition to asking Friends how they are doing, we are asking Friends ‘What is feeding your spirit these days?’ and ‘how or where do you feel you are being led?’

We also ask Friends whether or how they would like to connect with IMM and whether they need anything from IMM. (Meanwhile, IMMPaCT is also contacting Friends by email and phone to find out what needs they may have.) We began this in January and as you may imagine, Friends we have called have been delighted to hear from us. Some Friends are taking daily walks and report that their spirit is being fed by being in nature, and that they are hoping to gather with other Friends outside as the weather allows this later this year. This is something similar to what has been done by the Ministry and Worship Committee in the past with great benefit, and we hope to continue this as a more sustained practice now.
Everyone will get a call, but if you don’t want to wait for a call to have this conversation, please call us! Ellie Rosenberg (607-227-1403) and Carol Clarke (607-227-9104). 
—Carol Clarke
NYYM Virtual Spring Sessions 2022, April 1-3
New York Yearly Meeting Spring Sessions 2022 will be virtual once again. Find information online at
I hope Ithaca Monthly Meeting Friends will take advantage of being able to attend Spring Sessions from the comfort of their own homein their jammies!, if they so chooseand register to attend once that is open.  
I’ll be sure to forward to the IMM e-list when registration and the schedule are available. 
We are stronger when we know one another.  Hugs all around,

Melanie-Claire Mallison
Celebrate Spring: Join Zooms on a Paradigm Shift in Farming

The robins have come back! March is the month in which the vernal equinox marks a important point in the Earth’s tilted orbit around the sun.  It let’s us know the sun’s rays will now begin hitting our part of the Earth for a longer period of each day. Praise be!
To celebrate this seasonal event Earthcare is announcing a related set of presentations. Sponsorship is shared with our local municipalities: Danby and Dryden: Earthcare is presenting a film; the Danby Conservation Advisory Council is sponsoring the talk; the speaker is a member of the Dryden Conservation Board.  
The first event, organized by the IMM Earthcare committee, shows a movie, “Kiss the Ground.” It is a 45-minute short version with more focus on farming than the longer version available on Netflix. It is scheduled for Monday, March 7th at 7pm.  Join by the Zoom link:
The second event is a follow-up Zoom given by Danby that will present a talk on “A Paradigm Shift to Bio-Sequestration & Regenerative Agriculture” that takes up where the movie left off. 

This presentation is given by Timothy Woods, a retired systems ecologist/field biologist/environmental engineer, educator, and entrepreneur; it is on Thursday, March 10th at 7pm. For the Zoom Link see the Danby NY Calendar for March 10 at 
The paradigm shift is from farming that is extractive and human oriented to farming that is regenerative and within nature’s ecology. Particularly, since WWII, farming has become geared, like industry, to efficiency, production, and profit. With the advent of the global economy in the 90s, large farms and transnational corporations have been locked into a high fertilizer, high pesticide, high irrigation cycle that ignores soil health, to the detriment of the land, water, and biodiversity resources. Regenerative agriculture recognizes the importance of the soil microbiome and the bacteria and fungi that work cooperatively with plant roots for the well being of us all. This talk is to educate agriculturalists, farmers, and gardeners of the benefits of using regenerative methods and limiting the destructive effects of tilling, fertilizers, and pesticides.
 —Elizabeth Keokosky, Earthcare Committee
Where are Monthly Meeting minutes?

The minutes from Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business can be found on the right-side column of our website.
March Calendar of Ithaca Monthly Meeting
Mens Fellowship
Thursday, March 3, 6p

First Thursdays, Friends, join us at Ithaca Bakery! Quaker men—and anyone who wants to hang out with Quaker men—are warmly invited.
Sunday, March 6, 9:15a

Join Friends to watch a brief QuakerSpeak video and discuss what you watched. In person at the Third Street Meetinghouse or through Zoom.
Earthcare Committee
Sunday, March 6, 12:30p

This committee meeting is open to all who would like to attend. Please feel free to come and bring your own concerns or interests. At this time we are meeting via Zoom; use the gray button below or:

Meeting ID: 891 7172 6300
Passcode: earthcare

You can also join by phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and entering Meeting ID when prompted.
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
Sunday, March 13, 12:30p

Please send agenda items to the Clerk by the preceding Monday. (Contact information is at the bottom of this newsletter.)
Womens Fellowship
Friday, March 18, 7p

Please join us every third Friday evening for a friendly, informal virtual gathering. You don't have to attend Meeting, or even change out of your sweat pants to hang out and chat.
Sunday, March 20, 9:15a

Join Friends to watch a brief QuakerSpeak video and discuss what you watched. In person at the Third Street Meetinghouse or through Zoom.
Peace and Social Justice Committee
Sunday, March 20, 12:30p

This is an open committee, meaning that all are welcome; participation does not go through the Nominating Committee process. Please feel free to come and bring your own concerns or interests. At this time we are meeting via Zoom; use the gray button below or: 
  • Meeting ID: 874 5684 8390
  • Password: peace
You can also join by phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and entering Meeting ID when prompted. If you have any questions, please call Elizabeth Schneider 607-351-0057.
Womens Chair Yoga now by Zoom
Monday & Thursdays, 11a to noon
This long-running group, which met for years at the meetinghouse, now runs on Zoom, making it more accessible than ever. To join in, email <> The group is about half Friends and half neighbors, nurturing the Inner Light. No yoga experience required. There is a sliding-scale fee. For more info or questions, Nancy Gabriel, 607-339-7123;
120 Third Street • Ithaca NY 14850
Gina Varrichio, Clerk

Pat Sewell, Treasurer
Marin Clarkberg, Newsletter editor
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