June 2021
Project Abundance

The Project Abundance garden is growing beautifully! When Steve and I recently stopped by to check on it, he took these photos (click to see). It made me think of the Garden song (by John Mallett) and of Pete Seegers performance of it which Im sure many of us remember fondly. Sing along!
Inch by inch, row by row
Gonna make this garden grow
All it takes is a rake and a hoe
And a piece of fertile ground
Inch by inch, row by row
Someone bless these seeds I sow
Someone warm them from below
Till the rain comes tumbling down
And the rain certainly has been tumbling down! If you'd like to participate in this garden project, please contact Elizabeth Keokosky: evk1@cornell.edu.
Amala Lane
News from Friends Center for Racial Justice (FCRJ)

Though on-site workshops and other gatherings have not occurred at the Friends Center for Racial Justic (in IMMs Burtt House on Willard Way) since last spring, the antiracism work has continued as we make our way through the pandemic.

FCRJ Director Angela Hopkins has served as co-clerk of the Farmington Scipio Regional Meeting (FSRM) of New York Yearly Meeting with Kathy Slattery of Orchard Park Monthly Meeting, and now with Antonia Saxon of Ithaca Monthly Meeting. This year’s theme for Regional Meeting's Spring Gathering was represented by a beautiful image showing the intersectionality of economic justice, racial justice and climate justice. The twining vines and leaves that surround the circles show the work of the Meetings in our region joined in word and outward in spirit.

Back in 2016, Angela was asked to facilitate the region's Visioning Retreat with the goal of bringing together Friends to talk about our hopes and aspirations and to envision goals for our meetings over the next five years. That vision for 2021 included “Affirming that we are a people of hope, let’s look to where we see life and growing edges and build on our strengths.“ Now in 2021, we reflect on the the words of MLK Jr.: “Where do we go from here?”

We have set “Reaching the Sacred Across the Across the Divide“ as a goal. Members of our region last year asked, “How do we live as Quakers in a World with increased acts of intolerance, fear and hate? How do we live our Quaker Values?” 

Spring Gathering Panelist Jackie Stillwell, Executive Director of Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR), had words to share with us regarding this query. RSWR purpose is to “share the abundance of God’s love by working for equity through partnerships around the world.” 

With the continued engagement and support of FCRJ Friends and in her capacity as a board member of FSWR, Angela looks forward to engaging with Friends on the intersections of the RSWR query: “How much is enough?” and the issues that affect people of color and the poor.

This weekend finds Angela and members of the FCRJ community continuing its listening work with the (SAYMA) Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting during their Annual Gathering.

Recently, Marcel Martin, a Quaker from Swarthmore Friends Meeting and founder of the faithfulness groups, interviewed Angela and asked others what the experience of working with FCRJ brought to Friends. Those present included Judy Meikle, Steve Mohlke, Cai Quirk, Antonia Saxon and Elizabeth Snyder. Friends offered that learning came when least expected: as we walk side-by-side; during interactions and conversations; or gently being told of being white centered. It was clear from the comments that the work of anti-racism is both an inward and outward journey, with the necessity of being open to learning.
— Elizabeth Schneider

Envisioning Quaker Spaces as Racially Welcoming and Affirming

Join panelists Angela Hopkins, Anna Lindo, Ruth Hazzard and Zenaida Peterson for an evening of story-telling, reflection, envisioning and discussion on Tuesday, June 8 from 7 to 8:30 pm.

How could we be deeply guided by our vision of becoming a truly racially welcoming and inclusive community? Where is Spirit/God leading us? What would happen if we acted as if we were already there? What would our Quaker communities look like if we could truly decenter white European-American culture, center BIPOC folks, and include the experience of all? How would that be different? Why is this important? What are some key steps we need to take to de-center whiteness?

Our panelists will touch on these themes as they tell stories and reflect on our condition as Quaker community with regards to race.

After our panel presentation there will be opportunity to engage in discussion in small break-out groups and then as a whole group.

To register, go to NEYM.org. Scroll down and select "Panel Discussion..." on June 8. You will find more info, and registration info at the bottom. Participation is via Zoom.

— Elizabeth Schneider
Worship at Hector

Meeting for Worship at the Hector Meetinghouse, 10:30a on Sundays, will be outdoors when weather permits.

The Hector Meetinghouse is located 5 miles northwest of Ithaca at 5066 Perry City Road, off Route 96. There is no running water or electricity, but a port-a-potty is available. Park along the road on the same side as the Meetinghouse, keeping driveways clear.

Option to join by Zoom every Sunday at 10:30am

For Friends who cannot join us Sundays at Hector Meetinghouse or at the Third Street Meetinghouse:

Friends can join online Meeting for Worship using a computer, with or without a video camera, or by phone. Join online with this link or from your Zoom app with Meeting ID: 372 632 479 and password: friends. You can also join by phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and entering Meeting ID: 372 632 479 when prompted.

These instructions and more are available in the ithacamonthlymeeting.org site with a big Connect to Meeting for Worship button.
Where are Monthly Meeting minutes?

The minutes from Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business can be found on the right-side column of our website. The minutes from April are here. There was no Monthly Meeting in May.
June Calendar of Ithaca Monthly Meeting
Chuck Mohlers Memorial Meeting
Sunday, June 5, 3p

Due to COVID restrictions, we are limited in the number of people who can attend Chuck’s Memorial Meeting for Worship at Hector Meetinghouse. Please only attend if you have previously RSVP’ed. All will be required to wear masks and social distance.
Sunday, June 6, 9:30a

Join Friends to watch a brief QuakerSpeak video and discuss what you watched.
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
Sunday, June 13, 12:30p

Please send agenda items to the Clerk by the preceding Monday. (Contact information is at the bottom of this newsletter.)
Womens Fellowship is Zooming
Friday, June 18, 6:30p

Bring your knitting, wear your best sweatpants... or not... and join us for an informal hangout. Hope to see you there!
Sunday, June 20, 9:30a

Join Friends to watch a brief QuakerSpeak video and discuss what you watched.
Peace and Social Justice Committee
Sunday, June 20, 12:30p

This is an open committee, meaning that all are welcome; participation does not go through the Nominating Committee process. Please feel free to come and bring your own concerns or interests. At this time we are meeting via Zoom; use the gray button below or: 
  • Meeting ID: 874 5684 8390
  • Password: peace
If you have any questions, please call Elizabeth Schneider 607-351-0057.
IMM Guys Lunch
Thursday, July 1, 12n

First Thursdays of the month, and a time together for Quaker men and people who dont mind talking to them. Bring your lunch and enjoy fellowship.
Womens Chair Yoga now by Zoom
Monday & Thursdays, 11a to noon
This long-running group, which met for years at the meetinghouse, now runs on Zoom, making it more accessible than ever. To join in, email <jaihari10@gmail.com> The group is about half Friends and half neighbors, nurturing the Inner Light. No yoga experience required. There is a sliding-scale fee. For more info or questions, Nancy Gabriel, 607-339-7123; ntg2@cornell.edu.
120 Third Street • Ithaca NY 14850
Gina Varrichio, Clerk

Pat Sewell, Treasurer
Marin Clarkberg, Newsletter editor
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