April 2022
When I was younger I looked at people with curiosity. But now I think my main job is to look at everyone with tenderness.”
— Barbara Barry
Memorial Meeting for Barbara Barry, April 2nd

Friends are invited to a Memorial Meeting for Worship for Barbara Barry on Saturday, April 2 at 2pm at our Hector Meetinghouse (5066 Perry City Road).

The Memorial Meeting will be held outside, under a tent. Dress for the weather. We have not set a limit on the number of people who can attend. Please wear a mask, unless eating or drinking, or giving a message during worship.
Bronwyn Mohlke and Melissa Travis Dunham are organizing this on behalf of the Meeting, and in conjunction with the family. If you are willing and available to help on the day of the memorial, let one of them know. Tasks they will need help with include guiding parking, setting up chairs, setting up and serving refreshments. If you would like to contribute food to the reception, please first check in with Melissa (mtravisdunham@gmail.com, 908-334-9428 ) or Bronwyn (bjqmohlke@gmail.com, 607-220-3219).
The Barry family is planning a barn dance in celebration of Barbara's life for later in the summer, probably August. More details of this will be shared when they are available.

Barbara's obituary is available on-line.
Gina Varrichio
Preparing for the Hear After: Writing Your Memorial Minute

Have you ever heard a memorial minute and thought, “I had no idea that person did that work!” Or, “I know this person was deeply involved in this work. Why wasn't it mentioned in their memorial minute?”

In this three-part series, Preparing for the “Hear” After: Writing Your Memorial Minute (PHA:WYMM), participants will get a chance to work on what they would like Friends to hear in their own memorial minute.

We'll meet over three Wednesday evenings: April 20th, May 4th, and May 18th. We will start with a half hour of open worship beginning at 6:30p, and then move into the PHA:WYMM session at 7p. We'll discuss the PHA:WYMM questions, chat one-on-one about our draft documents or whatever concerns or cares arise, and come away with something to share with the Clerk and Records Keeper for Ithaca Monthly Meeting. And your family and friends too, of course!

PHA:WYMM details and registration will be sent out in early April. The registration form will ask if you prefer to meet in person or via zoom; we can host both! Also, Friends are encouraged to participate in all three sessions, but are welcome to come to any/all that they are able to attend. Just let us know your preferences when you register.

Please join us for what promises to be engaging and enlightening conversations on the “hear” after!

PHA:WYMM Coordinators: Barbara Chase, Bronwyn Mohlke,
Gina Varrichio, and Melanie-Claire Mallison
FSRM offering Zoom tech training

Farmington Scipio Regional Meeting is offering a Zoom tech training on Saturday morning, April 9 from 9-10am. If you would like to attend (via Zoom!), please get in touch with Bronwyn Mohlke (BJQMohlke@gmail.com / 607-220-3219)

Here are the topics we plan to cover:
  • Various tech roles, and what their duties are
  • How to handle Zoom bombing
  • Breakout rooms (how to make them random, assigned, or by choice)
  • Screen sharing and audio sharing
  • Chat messages options
  • Updating the Zoom app
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Recording meetings
  • Setting up live transcription
Spring Gathering, May 20-22, brings together our region

Let's put one foot in front of the other... and... Lead with Love!

Mark you calendars!

Farmington Scipio Regional Meeting (FSRM) is includes New York's Quaker Meetings from Syracuse down to Elmira, and west from there. Friends from these meetings convene a few times a year, and Spring Gathering is a favorite event.

After two years of virtual connection, the Farmington Scipio Regional Meeting Events Planning Committee is hoping and planning to host an in-person Spring Gathering at Watson Homestead, with multiple hybrid events. We are excited. We have so missed each other.

This year Restorative Justice Circles leader Lori DeCarlo will lead us as we work to create a safe place to get to know each other even more deeply, to share life's struggles and influences as we journey together towards becoming a truly Beloved Community. We plan to continue building trust and share where we have been, and what we are still working on.

Please bring your talents. The Saturday night Talent Show is on!

More details will be shared via after Meeting announcements and email messages.
PoHo Workshop: Quaker Support Structures
Friends may be interested in this Powell House offering by Zoom Saturday, April 9, from 10a to noon: Quaker Support Structures: The Basics and a Little More. The description follows.
— Bronwyn Mohlke

In the past few generations, Quakers have found a variety of types of support structures useful, such as clearness committees, spiritual accountability groups, anchor committees, eldering, and mentoring relationships. These various approaches provide community help with personal discernment, spiritual growth, faithfulness, and ministry. 

In this gathering, we’ll first explore the usual ways in which these support structures function and are accessed. Then, we’ll spend the second half of our time in conversation about other forms of support: friendships, informal spiritual networks, cross-generational relationships, connections outside our cultural norms, and more.

The worshop will be facilitated by Emily Provance, a member of Fifteenth Street Meeting who has spent time with Friends from various branches of the tradition in Kenya, Belize, Britain, Ireland, Tanzania, Palestine, Mexico, Peru, and the United States. 
AntiRacism Training for all Friends

In 2021 New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM) sought the support of the Friends Center for Racial Justice (FCRJ) to lead the work on Antiracism during Summer Sessions. As a result, the General Secretary, Steve Mohlke, wondered, “Could we send 100 people to attend trainings as we did to attend the White Privilege Conference?” As a result, NYYM and FCRJ have been providing anti-racism trainings to all NYYM Friends.

There are three antiracism analysis training opportunities, all online, in the next six weeks. Hopefully one of them works for you. (Click on the workshop title for the registration link.)

  • Roots of Justice, April 5-7, 10a-3p each day, full price is $350 but pay as led. Credit card payments can be made using this link.
  • Crossroads, April 22-23, 5pm Friday - 8:30p Saturday, $100 with reduced price available
  • Crossroads, May 12, 10a-6p Thursday, $100 with reduced price available

If you think you might be led to be in a cohort of Friends who take a deeper dive into learning about systemic racism and working together to address it, it would be better, if possible, to attend the Roots of Justice training. It is more in-depth than the shorter Crossroads training.

Ithaca Friends who are interested in participating should also reach out to Angela Hopkins, angelaforestglenn@yahoo.com, and/or Steve Mohlke, smohlke@gmail.com.

— Elizabeth Schneider
Research Project: Corresponding with Quakers

Corresponding with Quakers is an ongoing, collaborative research project investigating the Ballitore Collection held at UCSB Library’s Special Research Collections.

The Ballitore Collection features more than 2,500 documents related to the Irish Quaker community of Ballitore, Ireland, including letters, journals, notebooks, and dream accounts. Originally assembled by the author Mary Leadbeater (1758-1826), this unique, understudied collection offers important insights into the intersection of gender, race, and religion in this period.

The project seeks to investigate and document the collection, and in doing so to shed light on the transatlantic development of abolitionist thought, women’s writing, and communal religious practices. We are in the process of digitizing the collection for public access as well as computational analysis.

Learn more, and get involved at https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/rachaelsking/corresponding-with-quakers.

Where are Monthly Meeting minutes?

The minutes from Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business can be found on the right-side column of our website.
April Calendar of Ithaca Monthly Meeting
Memorial Meeting for Worship for Barbara Barry
Sunday, April 2, 2p

Join us at Hector Meetinghouse, dressing appropriately to sit outside. See lead article for details.
Sunday, April 3, 9:15a

Join Friends to watch a brief QuakerSpeak video and discuss what you watched. In person at the Third Street Meetinghouse or through Zoom. You can also join by phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and entering Meeting ID when prompted.
  • Meeting ID: 825 8985 5975
  • Passcode: friends
Earthcare Committee
Sunday, April 3, 12:30p

This committee meeting is open to all who would like to attend. Please feel free to come and bring your own concerns or interests. At this time we are meeting via Zoom; use the gray button below or:

Meeting ID: 891 7172 6300
Passcode: earthcare

You can also join by phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and entering Meeting ID when prompted.
Mens Fellowship
Thursday, April 7, 6p

First Thursdays, Friends, join us at Ithaca Bakery! Quaker men—and anyone who wants to hang out with Quaker men—are warmly invited.
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
Sunday, April 10, 12:30p

Please send agenda items to the Clerk by the preceding Monday. (Contact information is at the bottom of this newsletter.)
  • Meeting ID: 372 632 479
  • Password: friends
Womens Fellowship
Friday, April 15, 7p

Please join us every third Friday evening for a friendly, informal virtual gathering. You don't have to attend Meeting, or even change out of your sweat pants to hang out and chat. You can also join by phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and entering Meeting ID when prompted.
  • Meeting ID: 872 0179 0136
  • Passcode: women
Sunday, April 17, 9:15a

Join Friends to watch a brief QuakerSpeak video and discuss what you watched. In person at the Third Street Meetinghouse or through Zoom. You can also join by phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and entering Meeting ID when prompted.
  • Meeting ID: 825 8985 5975
  • Passcode: friends
Peace and Social Justice Committee
Sunday, April 17, 12:30p

This is an open committee, meaning that all are welcome; participation does not go through the Nominating Committee process. Please feel free to come and bring your own concerns or interests. At this time we are meeting via Zoom; use the gray button below or: 
  • Meeting ID: 874 5684 8390
  • Password: peace
You can also join by phone by calling (929) 205-6099 and entering Meeting ID when prompted. If you have any questions, please call Elizabeth Schneider 607-351-0057.
Womens Chair Yoga now by Zoom
Monday & Thursdays, 11a to noon
This long-running group, which met for years at the meetinghouse, now runs on Zoom, making it more accessible than ever. To join in, email <jaihari10@gmail.com> The group is about half Friends and half neighbors, nurturing the Inner Light. No yoga experience required. There is a sliding-scale fee. For more info or questions, Nancy Gabriel, 607-339-7123; ntg2@cornell.edu.
120 Third Street • Ithaca NY 14850
Gina Varrichio, Clerk

Pat Sewell, Treasurer
Marin Clarkberg, Newsletter editor
Newsletter contributions due on
last Monday of the month at 5pm