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On May 1, I asked for an inspection of the long-term and ongoing staining of the ceiling in our rental space out of concern for its structural integrity and safety.  That inspection, performed and completed after our last class that day, revealed serious damage which has built-up over the years. I immediately closed the studio to consult with specialists and have concluded that BIKRAM YOGA MOUNT VERNON must now permanently close at this location.


It is with tremendous sadness and regret that this business will not able to achieve its goal of transitioning to a more viable location for the practice of hot yoga in Skagit Valley. A lot of sweat and passion of all the former owners has been put into this business over the last nine years. The studio's continued growth is a testament to all of our efforts. To go from such progress to a sudden and unexpected closure is a great shock and a great loss. 


For all of you-the dedicated students and teachers who make our yoga community so wonderful-this loss of a place to practice hot yoga deeply saddens me.


The details and burden of this shut-down are overwhelming; the financial loss a great hardship. While it would be my fervent desire for there to be another hot yoga studio in this community, I do not at the present moment see a way to do this financially. This does not mean that I have given-up on the possibility that a way may be revealed.


All students with monthly auto-payments as of May 3 have been deactivated and no further charges will be made. Should you have a concern over your account balance you can call the business, 360-336-8904, through the end of May. 


As for continuing your practice of hot yoga, BIKRAM YOGA EVERETT, owned by Yu Wang, has graciously offered to honor all unused memberships. HOT YOGA ELEMENTS, formerly BEYOND LIMITS YOGA in Bellingham newly owned by our very own teacher Sara Beth Hawn, will soon be offering a 90-minute Hot Hatha series in addition to the power yoga she currently offers. Sara Beth has also generously agreed to honor any remaining classes you have from our Mount Vernon studio. In addition, Skagit Valley has many wonderful teachers of various styles and lineages of yoga, some of who may be found at this site: https://www.facebook.com/YogaSkagit


The BIKRAM YOGA MOUNT VERNON Facebook site will remain active indefinitely for possible meet-ups and any developing news or plans. Our phone, email and website will be taken down within the next 30 days to reduce the burden of ongoing expenses.




I sincerely appreciate all the thoughts, ideas, prayers and best wishes I have received from students and friends of this studio. I continue to believe in the power of our practice and trust that despite the odds, a way will be found for hot yoga to continue in Skagit Valley. I am forever grateful and inspired by all of the flexible yogis and yoginis whom I have been privileged to serve for the year that I have owned BIKRAM YOGA MOUNT VERNON.