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CT Governor signs Senate Bill 1160, supporting sweeping gun violence prevention regulations on April 4, 2013.

Dear Friend,

Last week we sent this note to you and asked for your help in response to a gun rights rally that will be held at the CT Capitol in Hartford on April 5.  We asked you to especially join our Thunderclap and pass on this email.   Many of you responded, and we thank you.
But now we are asking more of you to join, and it is more urgent than ever.
Anti-safety, "gun rights" activists have responded with a Thunderclap of their own.  They are sending this out to all of their state groups, and they are pulling ahead of us.  As we write this, we have had 339 respond with a reach of 179,726.  Anti-safety groups have had 515 responses with a reach of 144,271.  Sure, this might mean that we have more friends (we're a likeable bunch), but these numbers are too close to call, and taking action now could make all the difference.
Here is their battle cry:

"Repeal the 2013 Connecticut Gun Ban. Send those who voted for it home. #ctchoosesliberty #neverforgiveneverforget."


We cannot afford to have them generate more numbers than we have, and we certainly cannot have them spread this kind of ignorance.  Please help!  Legislators who voted YES on the gun safety bill need to know that we have their back.  Here is the Thunderclap link.  It's easy, and so much depends on it.  Just click the link NOW and pass it on.  We are counting on you.
Thank you!

In Peace,
The ENOUGH Campaign
P.S.- Several people have asked us, "What is a Thunderclap?"  A Thunderclap amplifies your social media voice.  This action-based organizer helps people be heard by saying something together.  Our Thunderclap will blast out your timed Facebook Post/Tweet, creating a wave of attention.  The Thunderclap is a simple, yet important, component of our active engagement on this issue.  The site will ask you to log in using your Facebook/Twitter account to log in.  This is a secure and tested process with no privacy breach. The very first group to use the Thunderclap medium?  The White House.  Using our voices together makes all the difference.  Strength in numbers!

Participating organizations: 

gun violence prevention groups
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Formed by local moms from Fairfield County, CT just days following the Newtown shooting, The ENOUGH Campaign's mission is to protect our families and our country as we advocate for more public awareness on the issues of gun violence prevention in America. Through legislative advocacy and community education, we champion stronger gun laws and aim to transform public perceptions of gun safety.

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