IMPACT 211 Spotlight: Mental Health

Twenty-four hours a day, IMPACT 211 is the voice of compassion and calm for those who need a thoughtful plan to resolve their personal crisis and find a path toward long-term stability. In 2021,we observed a 13% increase in requests for mental health services.

  • 36,939 calls from 14,735 unduplicated individuals
  • 68% of the unduplicated callers who contacted IMPACT 211 were female
  • The majority of callers seeking mental health information or assistance were age 45 or older; 219 requests were for help with a child or adolescent
  • Callers from all nine counties of IMPACT 211's service area reached out for assistance: 66% were Milwaukee County residents; 13% were Washington County residents; 11% were Waukesha County residents

IMPACT 211 works in partnership with Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division

Washington County Department of Health Services, and Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services to serve as the first point of contact for individuals calling their mental health crisis lines.


IMPACT 211’s role:

  • Provide supportive listening and referral to community resources
  • Direct transfer to mental health professionals for escalated calls
  • Direct transfer to Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services (Waukesha County only)
  • Engage crisis response (mobile dispatch teams or emergency responders): 1,047 occurrences between July 2021 and June 2022
With 60 years of experience serving Southeastern Wisconsin, IMPACT helps people take the first step toward changing their life, for good. We assess and guide those experiencing personal crisis toward resources to achieve stability; and collaborate with community partners to foster system improvement.
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