IMPACT 211 Spotlight: Veterans

In partnership with the Wisconsin Veterans Network and the VA, IMPACT 211 tracked calls from January to April 2022 to gauge the needs of veterans: 

  • 1,097 calls from 431 un-duplicated individuals who identified themselves as a U.S. veteran (98%) or someone assisting a veteran (2%)
  • 63% of the un-duplicated veterans who contacted IMPACT 211 were male. The typical IMPACT 211 caller is female (70%)
  • The majority of veterans who called IMPACT 211 were 56 years old or older (66%) and Black or African American (58%)
  • Veterans from all nine counties of IMPACT 211's service area reached out for assistance; 85% were Milwaukee County residents; 50% live in the lowest-income ZIP Codes of Southeastern Wisconsin
  • 35% of calls from veterans were mental health-related. During the same time period, mental health calls accounted for only 22% of the total calls to IMPACT 211
With 60 years of experience serving Southeastern Wisconsin, IMPACT helps people take the first step toward changing their life, for good. We assess and guide those experiencing personal crisis toward resources to achieve stability; and collaborate with community partners to foster system improvement.
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