IMPACT Connect is transforming the way health and social services are delivered to our community's most vulnerable populations. This effort capitalizes on infrastructure that has taken years to build.
  • Reputation - as the provider of 211 services for nearly 20 years, IMPACT has been tasked to lead this effort and share our expertise in managing complex social service systems, an established network of partnerships, and the largest and most comprehensive resource database in Wisconsin.
  • Relationships - IMPACT's collaborative approach to working with health and human service providers, government, funders and other stakeholders fosters critical system improvement.
  • Resources - tapping into IMPACT 211's database of verified programs and services results in appropriate and accurate referrals.

IMPACT Connect's innovative technology platform is powered by NowPow, which was recently acquired by Unite Us. Together, we are positioned to drive collaboration and efficiencies among healthcare provders, public sector systems and community-based organizations to ensure that people have better access to the vital resources they need to improve health and well-being. Click here to learn more about the acquisition.

The IMPACT Connect team is eager to explain the benefits of joining our effort. To learn more about membership options or to request a demo, contact Emily Kenney, Director of Systems Change.