Welcome to our IMPACT monthly digest for August 2018.

We have some exciting news this month as Palladium Impact Investments has invested in a shea butter company in Ghana, proving that social impact and financial returns really can go hand-in-hand. Read more below, along with other perspectives and stories of our work from across the globe.

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Impact Investing in Practice

Palladium has invested in Naasakle, a women-owned shea butter company in Ghana. As global demand for shea butter soars (increasing 1200% in 10 years), the investment will help Naasakle improve the lives of over 5,000 female shea nut pickers, while generating a financial return. Read more
All you need is... a Financial Consultant?

Banks in Macedonia impose rigid conditions on small businesses, making it insurmountable for entrepreneurs to access loans and invest in growing their companies. USAID talks about the Business Ecosystem Project and how we're helping small business owners to thrive without government assistance.
Only 34% of crops harvested in Rwanda reach the market

Agriculture makes up over a third of Rwanda's economy, and yet productivity is low, malnutrition is unacceptably high, and only 34% of harvested crops are even reaching the market. Learn how we're making Rwanda's markets more efficient and inclusive through new business models and investments.
Tanzania's Rubbish Mountains

Less than half of Dar es Salaam's 4,600 tonnes of daily waste reaches the landfill, and poorer neighbourhoods have been tasked with finding their own fixes. Author Duncan Green discusses how Palladium's I4ID program is using Adaptive Management to help .
Organic Farming in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, agriculture is the largest consumer of water, and as much as 80% of its non-replenishable fossil water has already been consumed. Learn more about how we're helping Saudi Arabia implement its Organic Action Plan to increase organic production by 300% and grow the sector into a sustainable market.
Managing Your Company's Inclusive Growth Strategy

Our Kaplan-Norton Strategy Execution Boot Camps now incorporate Inclusive Growth Strategies (like the ones we talk about in our HBR article ). Sustainability isn't just a buzz word, and it needs to apply to your bottom line. Read about how Palladium's Balanced Scorecard can help.
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