Welcome to our IMPACT monthly digest for June 2018. We have a special announcement this month, as our CEO has named his successor after 36 years with Palladium. Read more below, along with other reflections and stories of our work from across the globe.

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Palladium's new CEO

CEO Kim Bredhauer has announced his successor: Palladium's current head of Strategy & Corporate Development, Chris Hirst. Read more about Chris and what to expect throughout the transition.
Sustainable palm oil is possible

Palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil in the world, and we have a long way to go toward making it sustainable. Palladium's Eduardo Tugendhat summarises his recent keynote by explaining the real barriers to sustainability and the way forward
"Public Interest Partnerships": An alternative to national parks?

Palladium led a ground-breaking procurement process for the Government of New South Wales in Australia, which brought together investors, philanthropists, NGOs, researchers, and Aboriginal peoples. The results will ensure cultural protection, environmental restoration, and sustainable development for the 85,000 hectare Nimmie-Caira floodplain.
How to increase the profits of low-income business owners

Teaching traditional business skills alone isn't enough to help low-income business owners grow their businesses. We also need to promote entrepreneurial mindsets, says Palladium's Agata Slota.
Goats for Water?

"Even the world's poorest villages have wealth in livestock." It's an idea that's having a big impact with the help of SPRING: our business accelerator program aimed at transforming the lives of adolescent girls.
Gender work isn't a box-ticking exercise

Palladium is proud to endorse the standards set out by the Gender Practitioner Collaborative, which contains eight key areas that all endorsers strive to meet. Through these standards and beyond, we're committed to incorporating gender and diversity more broadly into everything we do.