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Past Appearances:

  • Amritha presented at BPD vaccine symposium, hosted by Marken on October 21.
  • IMPACT held a virtual open house on October 27. This event was well-attended by pharmaceutical professionals.


Past Events


Our trunk-or-treat event was a huge hit again this year! Keelee helped us all make a magical potion, and we had a lot of fun playing cornhole and tic-tac-toe. We of course had lots of candy and baked goodies. Thank you to all of our trunk volunteers, you all outdid yourselves.

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Holiday White Elephant

Gift Exchange

We got together, virtually again this year, to socialize and steal holiday gifts from each other at our annual white elephant gift exchange. Luckily, things didn't get too competitive!

Lunch and Learn Seminar

On Thursday, November 18, IMPACT Pharmaceutical Services hosted a Lunch and Learn webinar with Dr. Derry Ridgway on the topic of "Drug Development Adventures (and Misadventures) in the Time of Covid-19." Dr. Ridgway has advised pharmaceutical and biotech companies across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas and indications. over the past 25 years. In addition, he has a long and accomplished record at various medical schools serving as a treating physician, a respected lecturer, and a mentor, focusing on many areas, in particular, pediatric hematology. Derry received his MD from the University of California, San Diego; his JD from the University of California, Berkeley; and master’s degrees in both Mathematics (from Harvard) and Biostatistics (from UC Berkeley). IMPACT is immensely grateful for the wealth of information provided by Dr. Ridgway, and we look forward to hearing from him again!

IMPACT on Literacy

Book Club

The most recent meeting was held on October 21, where the book

"The Doctors Blackwell" by Janice Nimura was discussed.



Amritha Kidiyoor has been promoted to the position of Senior Clinical Research Scientist. Amritha joined IMPACT in 2018 as part of our first Fellowship class, and over her last 3+ years at IMPACT, she has authored CSRs, protocols, IBs, narratives, and non-standard submission documents, establishing herself as a precise and talented writer. Amritha is a dedicated team player, and truly enjoys mentoring junior writers. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help a colleague in need, often behind the scenes. Amritha also plays an integral role in IMPACT culture, and is involved in multiple company initiatives, always demonstrating her sense of humor and positive attitude.


Jeff Golden has been promoted to the position of Senior Director, Regulatory Services. Jeff joined IMPACT in May of 2016, and since that time has been a driving force in shaping the direction and growth of what we now know as the Regulatory Services Department. Under Jeff's leadership, the Regulatory team has grown substantially, more than doubling the size of the department overall. He provides outstanding regulatory services to our clients and is a member of IMPACT’s Leadership Team. Jeff’s depth of knowledge in regulatory affairs, as well as his leadership skills and problem-solving acumen, have made him an incredible asset to IMPACT over the past 5 years,

Jen Waters has been promoted to Senior Quality Control Specialist. Jen joined IMPACT in the fall of 2019 and quickly became a wonderful QC reviewer. She is trained and qualified for all project types. Medical writers and QC reviewers who have worked with Jen agree that she has wonderful communication, flexibility, and impressive focus on her QC tasks. Her attention to detail and knack for tracking cross-document consistency is something to be admired. Jen’s kind and friendly personality make her a pleasure to work with and a wonderful addition to our QC department. Behind the scenes of day-to-day projects, Jen plays an important role at IMPACT as co-leader of Impact on Literacy, mentor, and as a backup for QC resourcing.


Arif Rahman has been offered and has accepted a position to join IMPACT as a Clinical Research Scientist I beginning on January 1st, following the completion of the fellowship program. Arif has done an outstanding job during his time in the fellowship program. He has excelled across the board on each of his projects and assignments and has proven to be a promising regulatory medical writer and a great team player. Among many other qualities, Arif’s strong scientific knowledge, intellectual curiosity, and positive attitude are some of his greatest strengths and make him a welcome addition to the IMPACT team.


Paige Dexter has been offered and has accepted a position to join IMPACT as a Clinical Research Scientist I beginning on January 1st, following the completion of the fellowship program. Paige has rolled with the punches since joining the fellowship program and has demonstrated an ability and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure project tasks are on track and successfully executed. Even under times of pressure and uncertainty that inevitably come with challenging/unpredictable projects, Paige has consistently displayed an eagerness to learn, a positive attitude, and impressive flexibility and teamwork. 

New Employees


Rachel Capone joined IMPACT in October 2021 as a Regulatory Affairs Manager. She came to IMPACT with experience in Global Regulatory Strategy & CMC. She lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and 2 dogs. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys running and is currently training for the Chicago marathon!

IMPACT Snapshot

On November 12, IMPACT gathered virtually to celebrate 200 clients! Each client has played a vital role in IMPACT’s evolution as a company, and each project has allowed us to continue to grow and develop as pharmaceutical professionals. We gathered to play trivia, pop streamers, and toast to the next 200 clients we will have the pleasure of working with.

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Making an IMPACT

Past Events

CC Spaulding Elementary School Supply Drive

We were able to take care of an entire Amazon wish list and provide an impressive haul of school supplies to very deserving teachers at CC Spaulding Elementary.

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Lunch - Dog Toys

Making an IMPACT's October Community Lunch was a success! Volunteers gathered both in-person and virtually to put together handmade dog toys--to be donated to local animal shelters!

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Season of Giving

In November, Making an Impact ran a clothing and books drive to collect donations for PickupPlease, an organization that supports American Veterans and their families. There was also a food drive to collect donations for a community food pantry. Local and remote employees were encouraged to participate.

From November 22-December 10, Making an Impact hosted a Toys for Tots donation drive, collecting in-office and online purchased donations.

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On December 10, Making an Impact and Impact on Literacy co-hosted their 3rd annual holiday card-signing party. The cards, along with some treats and word puzzle activity books, were delivered to our friends at Chatham Commons Assisted Living Facility in Cary (in a socially distant capacity). 

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Our holiday season was closed out with a Holiday Team Trivia for Charity on December 17. Making an Impact donated money to the charities of the Top 3 Teams' choice:

1st place ($1000): LOL STEAM Center

2nd place ($500): The Women's Center in Wake County

3rd place ($150): Autism Society of North Carolina

Want to be part of our events? Email Brandi or Evan to join our mailing list.

Team Feature

For this month's team feature, we are delighted to introduce another group of medical writers: Evan DuBose, Julia DiFiore, and Alexis Hoeferlin, who are under the stewardship of Caroline Drucker. 

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While in graduate school in neurobiology at Duke, Caroline realized the part she most enjoyed was writing and speaking about research projects, particularly when they had a clear connection to human health. Prior to IMPACT, Caroline worked as an editor for Natural History magazine and as the Research Project Manager and Communications Coordinator in Duke’s Center for Human Disease Modeling. Now at IMPACT, she enjoys working on diverse projects and filling different types of roles. She also values building relationships with not only her colleagues, but also the Sponsor teams.

While in graduate school, Evan had the opportunity to complete an internship at a CRO working with the regulatory affairs department. This piqued her interest in clinical trials and regulatory writing. As a medical writer, Evan enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with Sponsors on various indications to help advance their drug product closer to the goal of providing a therapeutic benefit for their intended patient population. 

Prior to working at IMPACT, Julia was a graduate student at the University of North Carolina. She had always enjoyed writing and after finding out about medical writing as a career, was excited to be able to combine her scientific training with her interest in writing. After taking some courses related to clinical trials and regulatory affairs and then an internship at a CRO, she decided that this would be a great career for her. Outside of working on documents, Julia has really enjoyed collaborating with others at IMPACT as well as the opportunity to work on various indications with different Sponsors. She finds the constant learning and overcoming challenges to be fun parts of the job.

Alexis discovered her interest in regulatory writing during her postdoctoral fellowship and made her way to medical and scientific writing when she took a position as a science writer at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center. She was quickly drawn to oncology clinical trial development and protocol writing. She joined IMPACT in May of 2021 to expand her medical writing skills in the CRO environment and has highly enjoyed the different document types, therapeutic areas, and sponsor interactions she has experienced so far. Alexis is looking forward to authoring IND documents and working with complex clinical trial designs at IMPACT.

Happy Five Year Anniversary to:

Chrissy W. (Nov 1)

Happy One Year Anniversary to:

Jade (Nov 16)

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