Western Learning Day Care Center attends a Showcase performance in Philadelphia

Dear friends, 

Victor Award Winner A Simple Space, Gravity & Other Myths
Here we are in late January and another Showcase has come and gone. Thanks to  everyone who joined us in Philadelphia for Showcase 41. We were happy to host you at our second consecutive Showcase in our home anchor city with a mix of Showcases, Show & Tell Spotlights, Cultural Spotlights, Kindling, Exhibit Hall, OFF-IPAY, discussion, dialogue, sharing and networking. We would like to give a huge thanks to our funders and sponsors, partners and guests, participating artists, presenters, agents, educators, local staff and volunteers, Rye Fellows and Porter Residents. 

Congratulations to our Mickey Miners Award Winner Yvette Hardie from South Africa and our Victor Award Winner, Gravity & Other Myths with their performance A Simple Space, from Australia.
If you weren't able to join us, we are happy to share speeches and presentations with you over the next few weeks, as well as links to all Showcased performances, videos and photos of other events. And we look forward to hearing from you throughout the year - join us on all of our regular social media channels; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Stay tuned for the opening call for submissions for Selection 2020 on February 7th and save the date for Showcase 42, January 21-25, 2020 where our Kindling focus will be on Circus and Dance.

We are so thankful to be in year-round conversation with our members, sponsors, artists, and Philadelphia partners. Thank you for supporting IPAY and helping to make Showcase 2019 a success. 

Warmest wishes from the whole IPAY Staff and Board of Directors!

Showcase 2019 photos by Kate Raines

Thank You from Team Showcase 2019!

Conference and Production staff of Showcase 2019

Philadelphia family attends Showcase 2019

Call for 2020 Artistic Applications opens FEBRUARY 7

We are proud to offer annual Showcase applications via IWantToShowcase.  Discounts available for IPAY Members and Early Bird Applications.


IPAY was thrilled to honor Mickey Miners Award Winner Yvette Hardie from South Africa at Showcase 2019.  View the full press release from ASSITEJ South Africa here, and enjoy this excerpt from Yvette's inspiring acceptance speech:

Mickey Miners Award Winner Yvette Hardie
"I feel very privileged to work with and for children and young people whose 
capacity to overturn our preconceptions and engage wholeheartedly with the experiences we offer them, is always refreshing, challenging and energising. Ultimately it is what gives me hope, even as I find myself deeply affected (and sometimes jaded) by the many turbulent, terrible and divisive developments we see in our world today."

Stay tuned for her full speech to be posted on our website! 

Along with our vetted,  long-standing programs (Exhibit Hall, Showcases, Spotlights, Kindling), cultural exchange has become a primary source of IMPACT for IPAY Showcase delegates. This year, sponsored 
Cultural Spotlights highlighted international markets, and created deeper dialogue between continents, with focuses on  Chile, The Netherlands, and Sco tland.

Spotlight on Scotland
Imaginate's Paul Fitzpatrick reflects on how they teamed up with Creative Scotland to support a delegation of Scottish artists, producers and companies making work for young audiences to present a Spotlight on Scotland at IPAY Showcase.

"Scottish companies have had a presence at IPAY for over 20 years, and this visit marked the first time that Scotland has presented a co-ordinated presence at the showcase. The delegation was made up of 19 artists, producers and companies presenting leading work in Scotland today."

Showcase has become an annual meeting ground for Australian producing companies and cultural organizers, with Adelaide's Gravity & Other Myths taking home the prestigious Victor Award for their performance, A Simple Space.

PAC Australia member, Barking Gecko Theatre Company CEO, Helen Hristofski thoughtfully reflects on her experience at IPAY Showcase this year, and the impact that IPAY's marketplace continues to have on Australian artists.

Helen Hristofski
"Beyond playing the long game of relationship building for future touring, what's interesting is IPAY has become one of the most significant annual gatherings of the Australian children's theatre sector and includes Australian venues, festivals, independent artists and producers.

It's hard to imagine how Australia's small-to-medium theatre sector would survive without touring - and I salute those companies making work for children and families who have put in many hard yards to develop their tours and a kind of 'brand Australia' rigour we are proud of. Australian stories often suit the American context, and so my guess is, despite the journey, many of us will be packing our thermals about this time next year." 

Every year we are amazed by the contributions of our community, and we strive to respond to your interests and your needs as you work to change the lives of thousands of children through live performance. We invite you to take a look at our Showcase Report statistics below:

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