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The Ohio Recreational Sports Association (ORSA) Membership, Retirement and Necrology Committee along with the Social Committee is excited to announce the plan for the 2017 ORSA Summer Outreach. This year, we will travel to The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. (Note: we had a last minute location change from Capitol University) . The date is set for July 27th and the program will run from approximately 8:30am-4:30pm. We have planned a morning of educational sessions and roundtables at OSU followed by a delicious lunch and an afternoon of fun and games at the Old North
Arcade, just a few miles from campus. Registration for this event begins on Wednesday, June 21st and closes on Wednesday, July 19th . It is limited so please encourage your staff to register early. With that stated, please only have them sign up if they know for sure they can attend. We tend to have people sign up right away and back out last minute. Also, thanks to our sponsor, Matrix, there is no cost associated with the summer outreach.
I am sharing this information with you so that you can pass it along to your current staff teams. All professionals and students are welcome to attend. Any new professionals or students are highly encouraged to attend so they can get a little taste of how wonderful ORSA is!

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ORSA Member Spotlight  on Jillian Dolciato

  • Name: Jillian Dolciato
  • Hometown: Twinsburg, OH
  • Current College/University Institution: Xavier University
  • Current Position: Club Sport Coordinator
  • Educational Background:
    2013 Xavier University, BS; Mathematics, Business Minor                                                                                    2015 The Ohio State University, MS; Sport Management
  • When did you know you wanted to work in collegiate recreation? ORSA 2011 sealed campus recreation for me. Although I didn't know many people yet, everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was blown away by the people and the passion they had for helping others.
  • Why Ohio?    Where else would you want to be? Ohio has been, and always will be, my home! I grew up outside of Cleveland and lived in Ohio my entire, besides that past two years. I love being close to family and friends, having all four seasons (sometimes in the same week), and supporting Cleveland sport teams! I am incredibly happy to be returning to our wonderful state.
  • What's one of your favorite things about ORSA? The people! I've had the privilege of attending four ORSA conferences before I moved away. Each year in ORSA, I met people who inspired me by their passion, knowledge base, and kindness. I also greatly appreciate how strong of an association ORSA is. The longevity of ORSA allows the organization to continue to be a leader within NIRSA and the forefront of innovation and trends within collegiate recreation.
  • Being a part of ORSA, what is one thing that excites you most about the future of Recreation Sports? The conversation and the research that is currently being done regarding the impact recreational sports has on a student in college. Although we see it on a day to day basis with our students, it is nice to see tangible data supporting what we experience.
  • What is your favorite movie/food/hobby?
    Movie: The Harry Potter Series (although the books are better! Food: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream                             Hobby: Spending time outside with family and friends
  • One last question, if you could have any superhero power, what would it be and why?
    The ability to heal people. If you can take away someone else's pain, that seems pretty heroic to me.



Miami University is hosting the 2017 ORSA State Workshop October 11-13th in Oxford, Ohio. If you have questions regarding the workshop, please contact Gabby Kinnamon at kinnamgl@MiamiOH.edu.

Committee Updates

Marketing Committee   Please continue to visit the our social media platforms and the ORSA website at www.orsanirsa.com . If you have updates or would like to have information posted throughout ORSA, please click here to submit your form.

Professional Development 
Do you have a application you are submitting? Maybe you are looking for career advancement. Perhaps you will be applying for our Executive Board and Scholarships come this fall.  Then, consider sending your resume to our PD Committee for critiques and review. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

ORSA is very thankful and appreciative of the wonderful relationships we have built over the years with our vendors.  We currently have sponsorship ads available for our monthly newsletter. Thank you again to MATRIX for the Outreach sponsor.  Also, It is that time of the year, where we begin to reach out for sponsorship options to help fund our State Workshop in the fall. If you have a company, vendor rep or individual who needs more information, please have them contact Rob Becker (ORSA President) for more information at rbecker@bw.edu or 440-826-2067    

Careers in Recreation 
As you are aware, the state of Ohio and our institutions within ORSA play a major role in career opportunities within recreation and higher education. Employment opportunities are what you make of them. Please use the link below to search for current job openings in recreation within our state. If you would like to promote your position on the ORSA social media account please let us know.

Open Positions in Ohio

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