Are You Ready???
2019 High Seas Rally Website is Opening for Reservations on
Saturday May 5th at 12 NOON Eastern Standard Time!

If you have our past 2017 rally cruise tagged on your computer then you ARE NOT seeing the 2019 website.  To view 2019, CLICK HERE and save it.

Since most cabin categories sell out in just a few minutes…some in less than 1 minute, here are some helpful hints on how to get your cabin the first few minutes the site opens because the time it takes you to manually type in all your personal info…more than 100 people can register ahead of you. So have it typed in ahead of time so all you have to do is pick your cabin category and type in your credit card info.

Past passengers:
  • You’re already in our system but it’s even faster if you know your Username and Password. Can’t remember us at 540-942-8791 or e-mail us (
  • Make sure your info is up to date...moved, new married name, new e-mail address, etc. This we have to do in house but all you have to do is call or e-mail us the new changes before May 5th.

New passengers:
  • CLICK HERE to go to our Register Online page and complete the info page so your info will be pre-registered with your Username and password.

Look over our PRICES page under Getting Bunk Space and have a 1 st 2 nd and 3 rd choice of cabin category already picked out before the site opens. That way should your 1 st choice be sold out you can quickly choose another before it gone too. CLICK HERE to view our prices page.

In the body of the registration page when you do register on May 5th, there is a COMMENTS section. If you have a walking handicap, prefer a certain location or area on the ship...type that in. If you’re coming with a large group and would like to be close together, also choose a location area on the ship. Front, center, rear ,etc  will help. We’ll do our best to get you as close as possible. Please remember, it’s not uncommon for the 1 st few seconds of the website opening for 30 reservations a second to come in. Meaning, if you and your friend hit the send button at the very same second, there could be 30 or more people between your reservation times and the speed of your internet service will also factor in.   ALL CABINS WILL BE ASSIGNED IN THE # ORDER THEY ARE RECEIVED.

Extra special additional giveaways this year if we have an early sell out in the first 30 days will be up to $50,000 in onboard ship credits. Check it out on our Rally News page - CLICK HERE
2019 RCCL Ship Category Changes
We just got a late Royal Caribbean surprise!!! Royal Caribbean has re-categorized it’s cabins fleetwide – this means big changes in cabin category designations . No changes in the cabins themselves or cabin #’s. For example: an Grand Suite (GS) is now an OT or a GT; a D1 Superior Balcony is now 4 different categories 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B; an inside N category is now 2 different categories 2V or 6V and no...the #’s 1,2,3, and 4 have nothing to do with the decks they are on. That would be too simple.

This has nothing to do with our sailing but could cause confusion when choosing a cabin category for 2019 on our website…so to avoid confusion at our reservation opening rush, we are staying with the old 2017 cabin chart categories , published prices of course and later on we’ll translate the 2017 categories over to the newly changed 2019 categories and send you an updated invoice with the conversion.

To simplify this for our cruise, we have 2 separate links to the Brilliance cabin deck chart. 1 for our past 2017 cruise...which we will be using for our initial reservations for our 2019 cruise and 1 to the new re-categorized ship chart. Why 2??? The newer 2019 version has better overall info about the cabins themselves...inside pictures, videos, etc. So for the details look at the new one 2019...pick out your cabin # area and deck ONLY…then look at the 2017 chart to book your cabin category. The 2 links are right below our cabin prices highlighted in yellow on our prices page on on our WEBSITE .  Questions, please call before May 5th at 540-942-8791 or e-mail us at

WE see this as strictly a bean counter move from RCCL. For Example: In the future... Exact same category/size, deck, etc cabins near the elevator will cost more than the same exact cabin category just a few doors down. Exact same category/size/deck cabins on the rear of the ship will cost more than the exact same cabin just around the corner. Dead center ship cabins cost more than those just 4 cabins away. You could be side by side, same cabins and 1 cost more or less. Very much like the airlines have done. Aisle seat or window seat, over the wing or in the rear, 1 st class isle or 1 st class window. Most requested category AREA is more expensive. RCCL now has a base price for say what was listed as a D category balcony, then an upcharge for the same exact cabin in a more requested area and also an upcharge for 3 person capable cabins that only have 2 people listed. Will RCCL be charging for luggage next?   Again...we are not changing. We’ll keep it simple and fair.
Special note: Our ship will be dry docked for refurbishing in late 2018 and be all “spruced up” for our cruise as will be our hotels spending nearly $100 million in renovations and Tampa downtown spending 3 $BILLION for renovating our shore side area location prior to the 2020 Super Bowl coming to Tampa.  I think it’s really just because the High Seas Rally is coming back!
We hope to see y'all back on our next 2019 High Seas Rally Cruise!