AND… We’re back!

I’m so thrilled that we are going to be able to share services in our building once more starting in November. November is a month for THANKSGIVING, and we can truly be thankful for enough progress being made with our COVID numbers for us to return. Of course, we will still follow all CDC guidelines and be very cautious. We request that all adults returning to services in our sanctuary be fully vaccinated and wear masks unless you are speaking behind the podium. We will continue to offer a zoom option as well. And if things get worse again, well – we will do as we did before and pull back to ZOOM only. But for now, I feel like celebrating the progress.

At the same time, we have lots of folks in our congregation who have had many difficulties with illnesses and more. Perhaps as we begin to gather again, we can also begin to reach out in more ways to those in need. Additionally, we are winding up our stewardship campaign and hope to hear from everyone! More information about our upcoming services and activities is included in this newsletter! Hope to see you soon – in person or on Zoom!

In Glorious Gratitude,