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EXCITING NEWSIn-Person Student Min Small Groups begin this weekend!  PLEASE READ BELOW TO FIND OUT MEETING DAYS AND TIMES!  And read our expectations for participation.  We are excited to see you!
We'll continue to offer digital programming for anyone that would like to participate digitally, as well!  

Hey Student Min Parents and Students, 

How exciting that the last of our students returned to in-person school today!  As our kiddos return and adjust, we are praying for you.  As our digital learners navigate zoom while teachers also teach in person, we are praying for you.  As parents supporting both, we are praying for you!  David and I are praying each and every day for every single one of you!  

We are also praying as we START IN PERSON SMALL GROUP MEETINGS!  We are so excited to welcome your students back on campus at HMUMC!  These small group meetings will start this Sunday night - September 13th, but READ BELOW FOR WHEN YOUR STUDENT'S GROUP WILL MEET!  Some groups are meeting on Sundays and some groups are meeting on Wednesdays!  

We also know that you're invited to join the in-person, outdoor worship service Sunday morning (Sept. 13th) at 8:30am.  Be sure to read today's Top 10 from HMUMC to get the details on worship and upcoming studies for adults!    

Heather McCreary 
Student Ministry Program Manager

**David Benson -; 706.248.7353
**Heather McCreary -; 404.457.9442


We are excited to be starting our outdoor, in-person ministry at HMUMC this coming Sunday, September 13th.  We will be offering in-person and digital options so we can connect with all of you!  If you want to do both in person and digital each week, you can do that too! 


9/13 - Sunday nights at 7:00PM for the following groups:
6th Grade Guys and Girls
10th Grade Guys and Girls
11th Grade Guys and Girls
12th Grade Guys

9/16 - Wednesday nights at 7:00PM for the following groups:
7th Grade Guys and Girls
8th Grade Guys and Girls
9th Grade Guys and Girls
12th Grade Girls

Starting THURSDAY, 9/17, we will be offering ZOOM sessions for all middle school and high school students.  Anyone is welcome to join these calls, but we hope families know if you are not ready to meet in person, have underlying medical issues that prevent in person meetings,  or can't make it to group on your scheduled in-person night, we still hope to connect with you.  Zoom links will be sent next week.  Schedule for Zoom Small Groups:
6:00PM - Middle School
7:00PM - High School
Note:  You CAN attend Zoom even if you came to an in-person session too!  You're welcome at both!

That's a great question!  Here are important details:

*MASKS ARE REQUIRED:  All students and leaders should bring and wear a mask at ALL TIMES.  Put your mask on before you exit the car.

*BRING A CHAIR:  All students should bring a chair or towel to sit on.  Seating will not be provided.  

*MEETING LOCATION:  We will be meeting in the lower level parking lot in socially distanced circles.  We'll have groups spread out and socially distanced on the black-top and grassy areas.  Only students participating in small groups should exit cars.  Parents - if you have questions or need assistance, please text David or Heather.  Bathrooms will be used for emergencies only (please go before you leave home) and will be limited to one student at a time.  Water fountains will not be available, bring a water bottle if you need a drink during small groups.

*STUDENT DROPOFF:  As you arrive, please follow the carpool map below and those directing traffic in the parking lot.  Dropoff will begin at 6:55pm.  (If you arrive before that time, you may line up in the parking lot as shown on the map below, and wait for leaders to signal your exit from cars).  No student may be dropped off anywhere except in the carpool line!  If a student is 16 and driving him/her self, see the map for where to park.  These students will be dismissed last, once carpool traffic has lessened.  Parents remaining on campus during meeting times should check the map for where to park during our small groups.  If you remain on campus, you must also remain in your car.  

*SCREENING QUESTIONS:  As students exit cars, they will be asked 4 covid screening questions.  You must be able to answer each question with "NO" in order to participate.  We will ask these again at the start of group time to insure no participant was overlooked during dropoff.  If your student has any symptoms that you would not want another student bringing to group, please keep your student home.  We want to keep our students and leaders safe and healthy.  
Student Min Covid Screening Questions:
1.  Within the last 10 days, have you been diagnosed wtih Covid-19 or had a test confirming you have the virus?
2.  Do you live in the same household with, or have you had close contact with someone who in the past 14 days has been in isolation for Covid-19 OR had a test confirming they have the virus?
3.  Have you had any one or more of the following symptoms today or within the past 24 hours?
-fever or feeling feverish
-difficulty breathing
-sore throat
-muscle aches or body aches
-vomiting or diarrhea
-new loss of taste or smell
4.  Have you been asked to quarantine or not participate in school, events, or extra curricular activities at any other locaion due to possible exposure to Covid-19?  

*PICK UP:  We will follow the same carpool line for pickup.  Dismissal will begin at 7:55PM.  Please line up and be prepared to share the name of the student(s) you are picking up - you may tell us verbally or write this on a piece of paper and place in your windshield.  We will call names through a walkie-talkie system and students will walk up the hill and load cars.  PLEASE BE PATIENT AS THE FIRST TWO WEEKS WILL TAKE A WHILE AS WE ADJUST TO NEW PROCESSES.  

*INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In Person small groups will be weather permitting.  We will make a decision by 5:45 each evening.  Small group leaders will be notified and we will post to FB and Instagram if we must cancel.  

We are excited to connect with students both digitally and in-person in the coming weeks!  This plan is subject to change or be adjusted at any time to best meet the needs of our students, leaders, and families, and to comply with current safety precautions and preventative measures as recommended by the CDC, state government officials, and the North Georgia Conference of the UMC.  

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please know that David and I are always happy to talk to you and respond via email or text.  You may contact either one of us as shown below!

Heather McCreary (email: OR by phone/text:  404.457.9442)

David Benson (email: OR by phone/text: 706.248.7353)

SPACE IS LIMITED - SIGN UP TODAY - registration closes on September 16th or when spaces fill!
Fri., SEPT. 18; 7-8pm

Come one, come all to our first ever Park and Play Bingo!  Join us for a new twist on some old-fashioned fun! That's right, parking lot BINGO from our cars! 
Be ready for some socially-distanced fun and some sweet treats for prizes! Advanced registration is required and space is limited for this FREE event, so be sure to register early! Your family ministry team hopes you don't miss out on the BINGO Fun! 
Note: registration will close on September 16th or when our limited reservation spots fill.  

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