Your organization is needed now.  If your organization has not completed the simple Americans for the Arts' Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 online survey to help update Florida's arts economic impact study (it's ten years old), please follow these simple directions from Curtis Young at the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.  Deadline to participate is this week.  Please participate.
Americans for the Arts 
Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Study

Please make sure your organization participates.
Deadline is this week.

Let's make sure that Florida's statewide arts economic update through Americans for the Arts includes all of Florida's arts and cultural organizations.  We are using ten-year old data right now for our advocacy efforts; so, if your organization has not completed this simple online survey, please do so before the end of this week.  Your numbers matter to the final report.

The website for the survey is
If anyone has difficulty accessing or completing the survey, or have any questions about it, they can contact the DataArts Support Center by email at or by phone (toll free) at 877-707-3282 (live support is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST).
Directions for accessing the survey are:

1. Visit the AEP5 welcome page at
2. Click the "Click Here to Get Started" button.
3. Select "Create an Account," fill out the information requested, and click "Submit."
4. After you log in, follow the instructions to search for your organization. Your organization has already been loaded into the system, so it should be there. Once you
find your organization, follow the instructions to "join" it. (If you are unable to find your organization in the system, click "Create" on the search results screen and create
your organization.)
5. Visit the dashboard and click "New Survey" to input your FY2015 information.
6. Answer all the survey questions and hit "Complete."

You can reach Curtis Young at the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs at or 850-245-6337.

Thank you.