March 19, 2020
Dear Students and Parents,

I hope you are doing well and trying to stay positive with so much uncertainty. Because of COVID-19, our daily routines and habits have temporarily been altered. Sometimes in life we deal with change and have to adjust to new climates and new expectations. Currently, we have no other choice but to make this adjustment and embrace the changes ahead by supporting one another. 

I can assure you that Kenston High School is ready for this challenge. Staff and faculty have come together over the last four days to make this transition as smooth as possible for students and families. It has been tremendous to see the collaboration and effort they put forth preparing for a new learning model. I appreciate their communication and I thank them for their creative processes and innovative skills as they designed new lessons accordingly.    

The first day of remote learning will take place on Monday, March 30th . Students may have already received teacher communication through the Google Classrooms. However, listed below are some important expectations to clarify before we officially begin.  

For those students who were unable to pick up materials or clean out their locker, please call the main office at (440) 543-9821 to schedule an appointment as our buildings are now temporarily closed.   

  • Google Classroom will be the primary application used for all class communication between students and teachers. Some teachers may utilize live apps with Google Chat and Google Meet for collaboration or needed feedback. These applications are simple to use and will be scheduled per block at designated times to avoid class conflicts. Students will receive notifications to join live sessions if/when scheduled.

  • To address specific questions, send a direct email to a teacher or other staff members in the building. You may also call the main office and questions will be addressed directly.  

  • Guidance counselors will be available via email for any specific needs. Please refer to the Guidance Resource Letter attached at this link.  

  • Students must continue to check KenstonApps email daily for building and district updates/announcements. 

  • It is also recommended for students to maintain a Google Calendar for virtual reminders of due dates, deadlines, and invitations for live sessions to maintain organization through this process. For instructions on using Google Calendar, click here.

  • There will be a daily question posted on all Google Classrooms that students will need to answer by 2:15 pm.  

  • This verifies students’ attendance in the specific class and is a part of a required attendance record.

Work Time / Assessment:
  • Remote or virtual learning has flexibility built into the pace of the course. Some teachers may require live sessions, recorded video/audio lessons, audio screencast demonstrations, Google Forms, collaborative shared docs, reflective chats, Khan Academy, resource videos, and other methods to deliver content.

  • Students’ actual work time will vary depending on the length of assignments, due dates, and deadlines.

  • Without test security, please anticipate assessments will have application based written responses to prove students’ have gained knowledge of the content. 

Other Thoughts:
Last Monday, I spoke with many students on an individual basis as they entered and exited the building. I empathized with them as I addressed their questions about the rest of the school year and extracurriculars. I heard from seniors who inquired about our traditions they have been looking forward to, specifically events like Mentorship, Top 15, Prom, Senior Awards, Scholarship Breakfast and, of course, Commencement. I did not have all the answers because no one ever envisioned for this change to occur. I did share with them some of my thoughts that can apply to all students which is captured below. 

I discussed perseverance and how tough experiences in life can have a positive impact on their future. I offered encouragement letting them know we care for them and value their education. I told them they have the power to make the most out of an unfortunate situation. I advised them to stay healthy and safely assist family members in need. I asked them to reach out to teachers to offer new ideas for virtual learning. I challenged them to try new activities like listening to podcasts, connecting with an old friend, reading a book, setting new goals, developing exercise routines, and eating healthy. Most importantly, I told them how important they are to the future of our country.  

Students, please keep your heads high, believe in yourselves, keep flying, and have trust in your teachers and leaders. Our priority is to keep your best interests at heart.  

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
Robert Collier, American Author

Please stay safe and healthy. Remember, Bombers Fly Together!

Warmest regards,

Mr. Gabram
KHS Principal