Mercy Class of 2020 Last Day Send Off!
Friday, May 8, 2020
Meet at Costick Center (Enter Gate 4)
Let's show some Mercy spirit for the Class of 2020 on their last day of school and have a safe, socially distant parade of senior family cars!

  • Get creative and decorate your car with paint, signs, balloons!
  • Seniors are asked and encouraged to wear their uniform and graduation cap.
  • Only senior and immediate family members from the same household in one car.
  • Seniors must have name visible so we know what senior is in the car.
  • We will gather at 7:00PM in the Costick Center parking lot, 28600 Eleven Mile Rd, next to the Mercy High Campus. Students need to enter through Gate 4 and there will be someone directing traffic.
  • Seniors are encouraged to have a parent or sibling drive the car, so they can enjoy the moment! (*Note it is illegal to ride in the back of a pick-up truck if the truck is going greater than 15 mph on a public road way and you must be 18+.)
  • Farmington Hills police will be present to assist with traffic flow.
  • The parade will begin at 7:15PM with Mrs. Colleen Byrn, Mercy Teacher of the Year, raising a Class of 2020 banner.
  • We will parade through the parking lots at Costick Center and Mercy Center and then travel to Mercy High School.
  • The Sisters at the Mercy Center will be watching and waving while we parade through their lots.
  • There will be a brief ceremony in the 11 Mile Road parking lot beginning with the Suscipe, turning of the tassel, and concluding with the We Are Mercy High School song.
  • Each car will need to park in spaces facing the Flagpole entrance. Please note that seniors who have personalized parking spots in the Flagpole Student Entrance area should park in their spot. All others are asked to fill in the other spots close to the front so you can see the Student Entrance sign and hear sound system.
  • Be sure to wave, honk, and cheer!!
  • Cars will be directed to exit after the song. Please wait for instructions to exit.