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Thursday, March 8, 2018

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     The Florida Legislature released its proposed state FY 2018-2019 budget this afternoon.

     I regret to share with you that only $2,650,000 is in Florida's proposed FY 2018-2019 State Budget to fund the 489 recommended 2018-2019 Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs' (DCA) matching grants for general program support.


     No appropriations are recommended for the Division of Cultural Affairs' 
Culture Builds Florida grants for specific cultural projects OR 
Cultural Facilities OR 
Cultural Endowment State Matches.

     Under the Cultural and Museum Grants, a total of $4,511,630 will fund the following nine (9) legislative projects unless they are vetoed by Governor Scott:

Okaloosa County Historical Museum Cooperative (OCHMC)                               $30,000
Bill Edwards Foundation - Arts & Education Programming                                 $750,000
Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras Concert Funding                                        $30,000
First South Florida Holocaust Museum Permanent Exhibition                            $500,000
Miami Military Museum and Memorial Education Center                                      $800,000
Camp Blanding Museum - Expansion                                                                     $1,651,630
American Craftsman Museum, Inc.                                                                          $500,000
Great Explorations Children's Museum                                                                   $200,000
Exploration of Culture and Humanities Options (ECHO)                                       $50,000

     Also within the Division of Cultural Affairs budget are the following recommended appropriations:

Florida African-American Heritage Preservation Network                                     $450,000 
Florida Endowment for the Humanities                                                                    $500,000
Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg                                                           $750,000
Holocaust Documentation and Education Center                                                    $357,000
Ruth Eckerd Hall Expanding the Experience (under Cultural Facilities)                $500,000

     The Florida Legislature has to wait 72 hours before they can vote on the budget.  After they vote on this budget, it goes to the Governor for his review, possible vetoes, and approval before it becomes final.

     Many, many thanks to each of you who did not give up throughout this year's legislative session to make the case for these important state-appropriation investments to fund these well-vetted DCA matching grants.

     On our March 19 statewide advocacy and information-to-use conference call, we'll review in detail what happened in this year's legislative session and plan for this year's election and for the 2019 legislative session.

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