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Minimum Wage Increase Reaches the Senate Floor
Senate Bill 7--which would increase Virginia's minimum wage to $15 per hour by year 2025 --was reported from the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee to the Senate floor yesterday on an 11-5 vote. It is imperative that you contact your Senator now to oppose this effort that would hurt businesses and their employees in our region.

Please refer to the draft language below and tailor it to your own voice if you wish. SB 7 will receive its initial readings on the Senate floor this week, with a final vote possible as soon as this upcoming Monday. This is why it's important that you forward this email to your contacts and act now to make your voice heard.

Dear Senator_______,
I write to you to urge your  opposition to Senate Bill 7 , an effort to raise Virginia’s minimum wage to $15 dollars per hour by year 2025. This is an issue that affects many of your constituents and I hope you will carefully consider the negative impact these policies may have on our region’s businesses and employees. 
This proposal to raise the Commonwealth’s minimum wage would have a stifling effect on job growth and employment in our region.  The percentage of employees who are currently paid at or below the minimum wage is small, but businesses that already pay their employees above the current minimum wage will inevitably see their cost of labor increase as the labor market is made artificially more expensive.  The will lead toward increased automation in some sectors as well as higher prices for the goods and services we all consume.  We will lose business to surrounding states should this measure pass and our local economy will stagnate.
Please consider the negative impact this proposal will have on our region’s businesses, employees, and consumers.  I hope you will  oppose SB 7  when this piece of legislation comes before you for a vote in the Senate.

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The following Virginia senators represent the broader VA West region. Please use the link below to find the legislator who specifically represents not only your home, but also your business.  Your correspondence will be given more serious consideration if you are a constituent of whom you contact.
Senator John Edwards
(804) 698-7521

Senator Steve Newman
(804) 698-7523

Senator David Suetterlein 
(804) 698-7519

Senator Emmett Hanger
(804) 698-7524

Senator Creigh Deeds
(804) 698-7525

Senator Ben Chafin
(804) 698-7538

Senator Bill Stanley
(804) 698-7520

Senator Todd Pillion
(804) 698-7540

Senator Frank Ruff 
(804) 698-7515

Senator Mark Obenshain
(804) 698-7526

We encourage you to personalize your message and tailor it to your own experiences. Calling is always the best option, followed by sending an email. Please contact Terry Durkin, Legislative Liaison at tdurkin@roanokechamber.org should you have any additional questions. Please contact your representative without delay.