Dear School Families,

When you brought your children to St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School, we promised you that we would provide your children an excellent education in a warm and life-giving faith-based community and we have done just that. 

From day one in these extraordinary times we were ready with a strategic distance learning program which is bearing much fruit. Change is never easy and of course our little ones miss their friends, teachers, and the school that they love. They are, however, adapting to our new normal as are we all. Yes, some of our young adults are finding distance learning and the personal discipline it requires challenging. However, we believe that this experience is preparing them for greater success in college and greater success in the workplace where working from home grows more common every day.

Last night, our parish leadership team met to discuss the implications of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to continue distance learning but keep Georgia schools closed for the remainder of the year. We also discussed the impact that his shelter in place order would have on our school community. After a thought-filled and thorough discussion we decided to stay the course for the remainder of the year and continue our Always Learning online instructional contingency plan. Principals Ronie Collins, Jocelyn Smith and the entire leadership team will keep you posted on how we will do just that. 

Rest assured that your children (our children) will continue to receive a quality faith-based education from St. Anne-Pacelli no matter what challenges we face. We will keep our promise.

Fr. Robert Schlageter OFM Conv
St. Anne Church Pastor

Ronie Collins
President of St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School

Scott Voynich
President of the St Anne Parish Finance Council

Dr. Troy Espiritu
President of the St. Anne Pastoral Council

Dr. John Phillips
President of the St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School Board