Get Ready for the 2021-2022 Grant Application

To learn more about the recommended initiatives below,
tune into our recorded Open Forum HERE.

Although we are highlighting healthy eating initiatives, don't forget you have up to $2000 available in Physical Activity funding, as well!
Applications open March 10th and close April 28th!
As the application period approaches, we STRONGLY encourage you to consider one of the following recommended initiatives to best increase your chance of receiving funding for the 2021-2022 school year.
2021-2022: Healthy Eating Fundable Initiatives
CHANGE! Highlight Healthy Foods - Go Nutritious: $2,000

Be sure to work with your school nutrition department to determine if this smoothie package is the right initiative for your school meal programs.

A smoothie package is available with this play this funding round. The package includes:
  • 16-inch immersion blender
  • 2 buckets with lids (for mixing smoothies)
  • Wall hanger for the blender
  • A utility cart branded with FUTP 60 for transporting smoothies to classrooms/distribution areas
  • 4 FUTP 60-branded cooler bags with dividers
  • Stickers to be placed on smoothie cups (will be FUTP 60 or UD)
  • A retractable banner for schools to promote the smoothie program
  • Plastic sign holders for schools to promote the smoothie program

*exact equipment not pictured
Breakfast for Everyone - First Meal Matters

Work with your school nutrition department to increase access to a nutrient-rich breakfast for your students!
Farm to School - Know Your Foods: $2,000

School Pantry - Fighting Hunger in Your Community

  • Establish a Vision & Goals
  • Refrigerated merchandiser
  • Connect with local foodbank and food sources
  • Education & Curriculum Integration
  • Dairy West Farm to School Resources
  • Curriculum available: K-12 (lessons include nutrition, dissecting the nutrition facts label, etc.)
  • Virtual Farm Tours: sign up on Dairy West website - individual or pre-scheduled monthly tours
  • Sustaining Your Program
  • Connect with local Extension office(s) for partner network
  • USDA Farm to School Planning Toolkit
Food: Waste Less & Enjoy - Its Good for All of Us: $2,000

Deepen your relationship with your school nutrition department to work together to bring these nutrition messages to your school cafeteria with a new marketing package from Dairy West!
If you haven't tuned in to our recording to learn more about each one of these options, we encourage you to do so HERE.

Please reach out to your Youth Wellness Program Contact with any questions.

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