Dear Heartland Conference Faith Family,

The Board of Directors of the Heartland Conference is pleased to announce the nomination of the Rev. David Long-Higgins to be called to the position of Conference Minister to the Heartland Conference, United Church of Christ.  Rev. Long-Higgins, currently serving as the Transitional Conference Minister, has distinguished himself during these last three years as an effective, engaging leader who is well suited to continue the conference efforts to live into its emerging future.

The background of this proposal from the Board of Directors to make this nomination, a redefined job description, along with a biographical sketch of Rev. Long-Higgins for those of you who do not yet know him are below.

The calling of Rev. Long-Higgins to the position of Conference Minister requires the vote of the conference delegates which will take place during the Heartland Conference Annual Gathering, September 24-25.  The specific timing of that vote will be identified once the agenda is published for the Annual Gathering.  The Gathering itself will be a hybrid on-site/virtual experience allowing all persons to be involved in event. 

Please take time to acquaint yourselves with the documents below.  If you have any questions, you may email me at  or call me at 419-782-4580 (home phone) or 419-980-4076 (mobile).  
Be Blessed…Be a Blessing,

Rev. David G. Plant
Moderator, Heartland Conference, United Church of Christ