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Today’s email is a follow-up to our previous messages around the University-Sponsored housing options for upperclassmen.

We are currently seeking volunteers to move to these properties and want to give preference to students who want to move. Your choice to move will create space for rising sophomores to live on the core Reynolda campus. Our experience has shown that living on-campus, especially during the first and second years, provides a greater opportunity for students to flourish.
Additionally, we are now able to offer the following incentives to juniors and seniors who choose to relocate to Deacon Station or Crowne Apartments. 
  • Reassignment to Deacon Station or Crowne Apartments at the on-campus double rate ($5,072 per semester) 
  • Priority access to an on-campus parking pass
To take advantage of this option, please submit this form by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 14. Requests will be processed in the order they are received. 
As you consider your options, we thought it would be helpful to outline some of what students benefit from when they move to these University-sponsored properties.

  • The first one is simply more space - both in terms of shared/common living space (kitchen, den, dining area), and in the actual bedrooms. The bedrooms in the Crowne properties, for example, are listed as being 12x 14, 13x13, 12x 15, etc.; whereas traditional Quad rooms are closer to the 10’8”x12, or 8’8” by 13’. And Deacon Station is two stories, so it really feels like a home.
  • Privacy - all of the bedrooms are singles in these properties, so no having to share a room with someone else, or having to be thoughtful about how late you stay up (disturbing a roommate). You get the benefit of living with friends and having separate bedrooms you can go to when you need privacy for studying or whatever. Also, there is one bathroom per occupant, so no sharing bathrooms! Some of the bathrooms are off the bedroom, others are in the hall, but you can each claim one for your own and use only “your” bathroom. This means you can control how clean it is, when you want the shower, etc.
  • If visuals matter to you, these properties feel very upscale - homey and grown-up. They have nice kitchens and bathrooms with good appliances (you can peruse some of the complex photos for Crowne Oaks, Crowne Polo, Crowne Park, and Deacon Station). They are more like Deacon Place than Kitchin Hall. Apartment living also gets our older students more ready for Life After Wake Forest, as they will have more practice managing a household.
  • There are also amenities. There are shuttles to campus, so you don’t need a car. Some of these apartments have private patios, which would be great to use when you want to study outdoors when the weather is nice. Both the Crownes and Deacon Stations have pools and exercise rooms, and you can also benefit from common clubhouse space. 
  • Connection to other Wake students - we anticipate a lot of camaraderie between students living in these properties, much in the same way that seniors who live in off-campus single-family homes on the borders of campus connect with each other as neighbors, socialize together, and so on.
As a reminder, students living in University-sponsored housing at Crowne Apartments or Deacon Station:
  • Will NOT be required to sign a private lease; they will instead sign the University’s housing agreement (a 10-month agreement, not a 12-month lease).
  • Will follow our standard opening and closing dates. 
  • Be charged for their housing via their University student account, including the application of scholarship/financial aid funds toward housing
  • Charges for these complexes include utilities for the apartment
  • May choose the Commuter Meal Plan
  • Will have access to WFU shuttle services; more information is available at parking.wfu.edu/ride-the-wake/.
Additional information about University-sponsored housing can be found at rlh.wfu.edu/housing/university-sponsored-housing/.  

As always, let us know if you have any further questions at housing@wfu.edu or 336.758.5185.

Zach Blackmon, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Director of Operations
Office of Residence Life and Housing | Wake Forest University
336-758-5185 | housing@wfu.edu | rlh.wfu.edu