Dear Engineering for Professionals Instructors,
The Whiting School is clarifying that all graduate classes, including lab-based graduate classes, small group classes, seminars, etc., must be delivered remotely with no on-site component until at least April 12. We know this puts an unusually large strain on the faculty members teaching lab-based classes. Support staff at EP’s Center for Learning Design and Center for Digital & Media Initiatives are ready, willing, and able to assist these instructors in making a quick transition to remote delivery.
Faculty members are encouraged to contact the EP Help Desk at  as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already, to talk with someone on the instructional support teams.
Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional support/resources. If you require clarification regarding school or university policies related to remote teaching or other graduate student issues you may anticipate because of these restrictions, please email either of us.

Vice Dean for Graduate Education

Associate Dean for Engineering for Professionals