TO: All active members and all club emails

FROM: National Board of Directors

COPY: District Governors, Kin Canada Employees

DATE: January 5, 2021

RE: Kin Canada's National Headquarters Building
As we begin a new year and head into our 2021-2026 strategic plan, Kin Canada is continuing to evaluate where we are now and where we want to be in the next five years. The plan aims to Innovate, Invest, Impact and challenges us all to consider new ways of doing things, invest where it matters, and ultimately impact Canadian communities as much as possible.

Over the years, Kin Canada has consulted the membership to get the “boots on the ground” perspective about the biggest challenges and opportunities for the Association and for clubs. Surveys and Town Hall meetings have given us a wealth of information and we thank you for your engagement with them. Truly, your opinion matters and is essential to helping us determine the path forward. 

Consistently, we have heard from you that the cost of dues is a factor that holds clubs back from retaining current Kin, growing the membership, and doing more of the great work that your community needs. Therefore, a focus of the strategic plan has been evaluating current expenditures and looking for ways to reduce costs. 

Notably, the Kin Canada Headquarters building is a large expense and was built at a time when membership in all service organizations was booming. Changing demographics of service clubs across Canada are creating new challenges that cause us to consider where our energy and resources are best utilized. The building is also at a stage in its lifecycle where it will require significant repairs over the next 25 years, with some significant upgrades required this year.

It is important to note that the building is not owned by Kin Canada; it is the property of the City of Cambridge. While we have use of the building through a lease, we are responsible for all repairs and routine maintenance. If we vacate the building at any time, it must be returned to the City in good condition.

Historically, the Headquarters building has been an office for administrative staff, display space for memorabilia, and meeting space for larger groups. Recent experience has proven that Operations can run smoothly even without having staff in a centralized location.

Given these factors, now is an opportune time to consider the future of the building further.

While there are many considerations surrounding the building, it is the National Board of Director’s recommendation that Kin Canada considers returning the building to the City of Cambridge, permanently adopting a mostly virtual workforce, and seeking alternate options for a smaller office/storage space in place of the existing building. 

We would like to give the membership several opportunities to discuss the future of the building in advance of an Official Meeting of the Members.

Three virtual Town Hall meetings will be held on the following dates:  

  • Saturday, January 30 at 1 PM EST
  • Wednesday, February 3 at 8 PM EST
  • Saturday, February 6 at 1 PM EST

Registration details and any relevant documents will be circulated via email in advance of the first Town Hall meeting. Documents and information will also be available on iKin and The Link.

The date of the virtual Official Meeting of the Members will be Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 8 pm EST.

More information on registration and credentials will be provided via email and made available online in the coming weeks.

Please ensure that all of your members are aware of the upcoming virtual Town Hall meetings and the Official Meeting of the Members.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the National Board of Directors Secretary at

Yours in Kin,

National Board of Directors

Kin Canada National Board of Directors
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