Trinity Aesthetics & Laser Closing Temporarily
due to Coronavirus Precautions
As you are all aware, the US is currently in a state of emergency due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. All Tarrant county school districts have cancelled school for the next 2 weeks. In an abundance of caution, I have made the decision to temporarily close our office. Many of our treatments require very close personal contact for extended periods of time. While there are no known cases in this community currently, access to testing has been extremely limited and I believe it is just a matter of time until cases are diagnosed. It seems that some people can be asymptomatic for several days while infected and are still capable of spreading the infection to others. It is critical that we protect our patients -especially those in vulnerable groups due to their age or underlying medical conditions as well as our staff. We all need to do what we can to “flatten the curve” so that critical medical services don’t become overwhelmed (if you are unfamiliar with this term, click here for more information). Effective tonight I am sending all of my employees home and closing the office until further notice. I feel the best course is to follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing, and I hope you who will do this also. Please stay home if you don’t have to be out. Enjoy your time with you families. Call and check on your friends and neighbors, particularly if they are elderly or have immune compromise. Please be kind to one another. We will get through this together.

If you have an upcoming appointment, we will be calling you individually to touch base. Once we are able to return to work, we will reschedule your visit as soon as possible. You can reach me by email at . We will be checking phone messages also.
Rest assured, when it is safe to do so we will reopen and welcome our wonderful patients back.

For more information on the Corona Virus please visit


Dr. Simmons and the Trinity Staff