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Friday, September 28, 2018

Number 1

What do Floridians think about the arts? 

Yesterday, Americans for the Arts (AFTA) released its latest national opinion poll,  Americans Speak Out About the Arts in 2018.  A sample of 3,023 adults  were polled online by Ipsos in May 2018 throughout eight states (Florida was included) on topics such as the importance of arts education, support for government arts funding, personal engagement in the arts, etc.

Florida Map of Color Blocks

Florida was one of eight states that was included in this AFTA National Ipsos Opinion Poll.   

Florida highlights are below:

●   Floridians believe the arts provide meaning to their lives and make their communities better places to live.

●   73 percent of Florida adults attended an arts or cultural event during the previous year, such as the theater, museum, zoo, or a musical performance.

●   People in Florida are more likely to be personally involved in artistic activities as arts makers (59 percent) than American adults nationally (47 percent).

●   Floridians are especially likely to agree that the arts are a form of pure pleasure when they experience or participate in them (78 percent) and that they unify us, regardless of age, race, and ethnicity (76 percent).

●   79 percent of Floridians believe the arts help students perform better academically. 68 percent believe that the arts improve healing and the healthcare experience. 58 percent agree that the arts are helpful to military personnel transitioning back to civilian life.

Six - in - ten Floridians agree that creativity enhances success in the workplace (64 percent). About half of Floridians say their job requires them to be creative-either individually or as part of a team-and come up with ideas that are new or unique (53 percent).

●  In Florida, there is consensus when it comes how the arts impact tourism, with about eight - in - ten adults in agreement that the arts attract travelers and are good for tourism (82 percent).

●   Florida residents are especially likely to agree that the arts have a social impact and improve the quality and livability of their community (76 percent vs. 71 percent nationally).

●   About half of adults in Florida think federal spending per person on nonprofit arts organizations is not enough (47 percent).

●   Most adults in Florida disapprove of the government eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts , including 41 percent who strongly disapprove.

Number 2
What are the AFTA Arts Report Card 2018 grades for Florida Members of Congress?

--  Quick look  (Excel file)  at  Florida's Members of Congress Grades and other helpful information to know 

--  Americans for the Arts Action Fund PAC  Full Congressional Arts  Report Card 2018

Number 3

Has Florida's ESSA Plan been approved?

     Yes.  Florida Department of Education's ESSA Plan was approved on September 26, 2018, by U.S. Department of Education.  Florida Approval Letter from Secretary Betsy DeVos


     As you know, there were many arts and culture advocates throughout Florida who worked tirelessly and collaboratively to get arts education policies incorporated into Florida's  Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  None of the policies we all advocated for with Florida's Department of Education were included in Florida's ESSA Plan -- "fine arts" are mentioned once on page 13.