For 16 years we have taken pride in our outdoor displays being made in the USA by our company.

We now have a major announcement concerning our products!
The truth about LED Christmas Lights
When Christmas LED’s hit the market about 6 years ago we were one of the first to get on board offering LED lights on our frames. We have learned a lot in these 6 years about Christmas LED’s. We have especially learned they are far from perfect! Since we started using LED’s we were forced to use a Half Wave LED so we could change out the bulbs. We have also learned that a Full Wave LED string is far more superior than a Half Wave LED. The Full Wave is also naturally more expensive and no bulbs can be removed from the string as it a sealed unit . Starting this Christmas season we will be gradually switching over to Full Wave LED’s on our frame products. We are very confident this is a very wise decision and you, our customer, will be very pleased with the outcome of this major decision. We are the first among our competitors to make this switch over. We feel the amount of light failure will virtually come to be extremely rare. Again, this will have to be a gradual change over so when you order, your product may have  half wave lights or full wave lights. Regardless, we stand fully behind our product and strive to be the best we can be!

Click below to see a detailed FAQ about LED Christmas Lights.

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