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IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION from Unity Windward Board of Trustees

Aloha & Blessings Unity Windward ‘Ohana,

At this most wonderful time of the year, we celebrate the birth of our Elder Brother and Master Teacher, Jesus Christ. For centuries, it has been, and is a time of good news! Yet, the news that we must share with you breaks our hearts; it may not seem like good news. As your Board of Trustees, we bring to your attention the state of our current finances. We are deeply grateful for the heart-raising, amazing response to our last appeal and discussion during our town hall meeting held in July. Your response and desire for Unity Windward to prosper assisted us in managing our church’s finances through the past 6 months. We plan two more town hall meetings soon.* Please, attend! Please, see the attached monthly income and expense statements.  

We had $4,108.87 in our combined checking accounts at the end of November. We are averaging approximately $1,700 a month less income than expenses from August through November.  

August through November Expenses Average $9,990

August through November Income Average $8,267

We assess that without a significant change in income, we anticipate a need to give the landlord notice to vacate our current space by February 1st. This would result in a move-out date of February 29th. Fortunately, we are on a month-to-month lease. If our finances change that would allow for greater flexibility. We have not yet found a shared space or a cheaper rental.

In the event we vacate the church space, we propose continuing to provide Sunday services and classes via Zoom, and Facebook Live, and also continuing our beach service while we look for the right long-term alternative for our congregation. We continue to explore options, and over the next months, we welcome suggestions and ideas.

We are faced with the opportunity to envision and create something new. Our Unity Windward ‘Ohana is being called to an unexpected role of midwifery, and in this Christmas season, we affirm the birth of the Christ amongst us. We can wonder what is being called to emerge from our present circumstances. Accepting and embracing who we are being called to be is essential to transformation. We hold sacred space for every one, and we hold the highest and best for our spiritual ‘Ohana! Join us in thought and prayer to welcome a new birth! 

*We have planned two town hall meetings. We would like your input on our financial situation and future direction. The agenda will be the same at both meetings. The meeting times are:

Sunday, December 17th following the service at 11:30 am in-person in the Unity Windward sanctuary.

Tuesday, December 19th at 10:30 am by Zoom

Please feel free to reach out to any of the Board Members or Reverend Geo with any questions, concerns, or suggestions before the meeting.

in Love and Service,

Rev Geo Downer 808-262-6731 or 505-220-2479

Dolores Becker 808-499-8802

Patty Sutton 808-421-9412

Cynthia Leveque 515-782-9612

Gloria Hunter 704-929-6147

Cheri Yamamoto 808-330-4679

2023 Overview

January 2023 Finance Report:            

January Donations: $8,341.52 

January Expenses: $9,871.70

January Net   —$1,530.18

February 2023 Finance Report: 

February Donations: $10,067.94  

February Expenses: $10,057.81

February Net +$10.13  

March 2023 Finance Report:           

March Donations: $8,312.06

March Expenses: $ 10,044.83

March Net —$1,732.77

April 2023 Finance Report:  

April Donations: $10,987.81 

April Expenses: $9,965.09  

April Net +$1,022.72     

May 2023 Finance Report:        

May Donations: $8,623.34       

May Expenses: $10,275.47 

May Net —$1,652.13  

June 2023 Finance Report: 

June Donations: $7,528.06       

June Expenses: $9,776.66

June Net —$2,248.60

July 2023 Finance Report:  

July Donations: $18,709.06

July Expenses: $10,873.27

July Net +$7,835.79


August 2023 Finance Report: 

August Donations: $8,016.06  

August Expenses: $10,249.03

August Net —$2,232.97  

September 2023 Finance Report:       

September Donations: $8,477.06       

September Expenses: $9,068.38    

September Net —$591.32     

October 2023 Finance Report:    

October Donations: $7,925.06

October Expenses: $10,541.90

October Net —$2,616.84

November 2023 Finance Report:

November Donations: $8,649.13

November Expenses: $10,101.76

November Net —$1,452.63


Join us on Sunday, December 17 at 11:30 am for a Town Hall Meeting in the Sanctuary at Unity Windward.

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