APRIL 7, 2020
Dear Patient of FOWH,
*Please see below, we have amended the comments*

At Huntington Hospital, the following new rules are effective Monday April 6th.

Additional Visitor restrictions in the Labor and Delivery Department
  • In addition to screening upon entry into hospital, EVERY patient and birth partner are screened by a Registered Nurse upon arrival to the Labor and Delivery Unit.
  • COVID-19 Screening by a Registered Nurse will take place every shift during your stay for both the patient and her birth partner.
  • ONLY the patient will enter the Obstetrical Emergency Department (the Birth Partner will have to wait elsewhere until the patient is admitted or is discharged home).
  • If the patient is admitted, one healthy birth partner will be allowed for the Labor and Delivery and Mother-Baby (Maternity) Unit.
  • The designated birth partner, along with the patient, will remain in the hospital room at all times during their stay. The Hospital will provide meals and toiletries. This means that the birth partner may not leave the labor room or maternity room once admitted. All labor rooms and all maternity rooms have bathrooms with showers.
  • The hospital has created Birth Support Teams. These are hospital employees knowledgeable about birthing (not nurses) available to assist women giving birth and afterwards.
  • *(amended): Birth Support teams are in addition to the normal medical care provided by our amazing Labor and Delivery RN's. Nobody will deliver alone at our Hospital.

New Mask Wearing Rules:

  • Following the masking announcement by Los Angeles County, effective immediately, everyone will be REQUIRED to wear a mask in all areas of the hospital.
  • Upon arrival to our campus: all staff, patients and the very limited visitors who are permitted will complete the screening procedure and obtain a surgical mask. 
  • Surgical masks are required to be worn in all areas of the hospital. 
  • Masks must be kept in a paper bag when not worn. 
  • Upon Departure: Soiled masks should be thrown away in receptacles or indicated bins.

If you have COVID-19, or have symptoms
If you have COVID-19, or have symptoms or possible exposure, the Hospital is fully prepared to take care of you for your birth and afterwards. We have the staff, the isolation rooms, the supplies, and the PPE (personal protection equipment) needed to keep you and your family (and us) safe. PLEASE let us know before your arrival if there is any chance you might have the virus.

Choosing a home birth as a way to prevent COVID exposure is not advised. The risks to you and your baby from an attempted home birth are far greater than the risk of possible COVID exposure at our Hospital.
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