MARCH 23, 2020
Dear Patient of FOWH,

We are taking additional steps in our office to help maintain social distancing and to help ensure that nobody inadvertently comes to our office with early signs/symptoms of the corona illness.

  1. No visitors allowed in the waiting room.
  2. All visitors must wait in the outside hallway or the downstairs lobby until the patient is in an exam room, then the patient can call you to come into their room. Exceptions are for a parent of a minor or someone accompanying an individual who cannot be left alone.
  3. No Visitors for ANY ultrasound. FaceTime, Skype or audio by phone only.
  4. ALL patients and guests will be screened before they are allowed into the waiting room. We will ask a few questions and do a quick Temp. If your temp is 100 degrees or over, you will have to wait outside the office until a provider can evaluate the situation. There is ample space in the lobby downstairs for visitors to wait.
  5. All staff are being screened the same as our patients and guests.
  6. Our office is still open for patients who need us. We will continue to see Gyn patients with problems and prenatal patients. Prior e-mails from us have specified that annual exam pap smear visits are being postponed, and some prenatal and postpartum visits are being done via Telehealth.
  7. The office front door will be locked from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Staff are present, so please knock if there is an urgent matter.
  8. We soon hope to have complete audio-video Telehealth access for our patents.
  9. We are sorry, but due to limited supplies, we cannot provide a mask for any patient or visitor. Please bring your own if you wish to wear one while in the office.

The above steps we are taking are the same as doctors office throughout the country. We want to stay open for our patients, so we are taking many other steps for everyone's safety.

For example, we are closing off access to our water dispensers (staff can bring water to anyone who asks); we are removing all magazines from the office and the exam rooms; we are wiping down all pens and clipboards after every use; we are disinfecting the exam rooms, counters, door handles, and more after every use; we are cleaning the restrooms at least once an hour; and many more actions you may not notice.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we get through these difficult times together. As always, please call us with your concerns.

Please see below previously announced changes and information:

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