Dear Members

Please see below a copy of a message which will be distributed by Pearl Pugin, Secretary of the BIBC, providing important information relating to COVID-19 advances paid out in March 2020 and the impact that will have on the Benefit Statements which will be sent out to employees shortly. 

I would like to highlight specifically the following clause:

1. Remind your employees of the implications of the March 2020 Covid-19 advance/payout that was made at the request of the majority of employers in the industry.

a. This advance will be deducted from employees' December holiday payment amount.

b. Employees must be clear on what to expect so that they can plan accordingly.

c. Employees must remember that although the holiday period has been set from 2020/12/11 to 2021/01/08, they will have less income for that period, due to both the Covid-19 advance and the non-purchase of benefits during the 'hard lockdown' from April to May 2020.

Kind regards,

Allen Bodill
Executive Director