Important Notice
Statement by Chabad Center for
Jewish Life in Lawrence
To All Lawrence Residents, KU Students, Community,
Parents & Alumni

The following important information is regarding the recent distribution of Anti-Semitic flyers in Lawrence, by a hate filled propaganda group. We ask everyone to share this information to help calm any fears and concern.

Flyers were strewn around Lawrence with hateful fabrications, blaming the Jews for all sorts of lies and conspiracies. This shallow and foolish nonsense is a product of the dark ages when such accusations and blood libels were used to blame the Jewish community for all sorts of grievances. We regret that such backward ideas have not been left on the ash-heap of history.

We understand that the goal of this and other hate groups is to provoke fear, bias and hate especially for people who are targets of hate and violence simply because of their skin color, religion, culture, sexual orientation or beliefs.

We are living in very uncertain times and Anti-Semitic and hate incidents can happen anytime. We are bringing this to your attention, not to scare or over alarm you, but to make you aware of the resources that are available and action that should be taken. 

Our approach is to only discuss positive subjects, but today many have reached out for support and asked us to speak out about the hateful rhetoric, and we feel a deep responsibility to respond. Acts of bigotry can never be ignored. When condemnable words go unanswered, it emboldens the evil and leads to negative actions.

We appreciate the powerful words of all those who have spoken out against these flyers, and we encourage everyone to take a moment and publicly reject such language.
Judaism teaches that in a place of darkness a small amount of light has a great effect. Each of us can do an extra good deed to help someone in need, and in that way, bring increased light to our community.

We deeply appreciate the support of all those who have reached out, and all who support our dear Jewish community during this time.
Such actions and displays of hate are not a reflection of our beautiful City of Lawrence and University of Kansas communities. We are one, with love, support, and mutual respect for one another.

While these flyers do not reflect our community in any way, actions such as these darken our city somewhat and call for a renewed expression of light in our surroundings. As such, we are asking everyone to do an extra good deed to bring more light to our community.

To our beautiful Jewish community, we encourage you and say, when we are faced with opposition and anti-Jewish sentiment, we cannot back down. When there are forces of darkness and hate, education, light and love make them melt away. Let us add in education, light and love today and every day.
It is a time to add in Jewish pride and to live more Jewishly. Show your Jewish pride and protect your home by adding a Mezuzah to your door, putting on Tefillin, lighting Shabbat candles, increase in Charity-Tzedakah and doing an extra Mitzvah. Join us for a Shabbat dinner on Fridays or Shabbat services on Saturday. If anyone is in need of a Kosher Mezuzah scroll for your homes, please let us know and we can provide that at no charge.

Any community members or students who feel troubled or intimidated by these flyers, please reach out to us. We are always here for you and we will listen and help.
We also want to bring a few things to your attention and information of steps to follow.
1) Always be aware of your surroundings and take notice of anything suspicious or out of the norm.
2) When possible, always try to be with other friends, neighbors or acquaintances, especially during the evening and night time hours.
3) If you see any flyers, do not touch them. If you ever feel that you are in danger, your safety is threatened or you are a victim or experience any hate, bias, violence or Anti-Semitic attacks or incidents:
A) Immediately call 911 and report any and all incident to LPD, KUPS or Douglas County Sheriffs.
B) If any incident happened or happens on the KU campus, report it to the KUPS and Student Affairs Office immediately, as well.
C) If any incident happens at a housing/apartment living complex, report it to the housing complex administrative office.
D) Please notify Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel of any recent incidents that have happened to you or that you are aware of or any future incidents. Text, email or call 785-917-0200 or [email protected]
A major thank you to all law enforcement agencies; city, state and federal including our very own local Kansas University Public Safety Department, Lawrence Police Department and Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, they do everything in their power every day to protect and safeguard all citizens and guarantee a safe community and campus.

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If there is ANYTHING you ever need or that we can help you with, don’t hesitate to contact us ANYTIME. Do you need a ride home at night? Stuck downtown with a flat tire? Having a housing or dorm issue? Not feeling well and need Chicken soup or a doctor reference? Felling lonely or depressed? 

For anything anytime - Contact, Text or Email:

Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel: [email protected] - 785-917-0200
Mrs. Nechama Tiechtel: [email protected] - 785-917-0300

Or text the words "Help Me" to our 24 Hour text Line: 785-264-4477