Dear Majestic Owners-

Majestic Beach Towers is now open. Security will no longer restrict access to the property.

You may rent your units if you so desire. However, the pools, beach, and all amenities will remain closed until further notice. Also, there is no TV or internet. I do not yet have a timeline of when to expect restoration of these services. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. The City says that the water supply is currently not drinkable.

AT&T Cell Phones work in the area. Verizon phones do not. There are few restaurants and fuel is scarce. Traffic is still a nightmare, so Rentals to vacationers is discouraged.

I am enroute to Panama City with an AT&T phone that I will deliver to Owner services. Mary is now back at work and she will use the phone for communications until basic services are restored. She should have the phone by 3:00 CDT today.

Please use text communications to her phone. If everyone tries to call with questions, no one will be able to get through.

The temporary phone number to Owner services will be: 205-383-6080.

Yesterday, we met with the painting contractor. They have agreed to continue the work as scheduled. This is the only time of year that the weather is generally good enough to take on a project of this magnitude, so we have to continue, even though we know that there will be inconvenience to owners and renters.

Believe it or not, painting is still on schedule. It may change due to future weather, but as of today there are no changes to the published schedule that was sent to you a couple of weeks ago.

If you rent your unit, please pay close attention to the schedule. When we paint your floor, ALL units on your floor will have to be vacated for a week.

This week, floors 12-17 inTower I are currently closed for painting. They will re-open on Monday October 22nd. All units on floors 12-17 have been checked and no damage was reported.

Floors 6-11 in Tower I will be closed at 7:00 AM on Monday October 22nd for painting. These floors will re-open on Monday October 29th. Again, all units on these floors must be vacant during this time.

Not all units have been checked, but of the units that have been checked, I have not received any reports of damage or, standing water. We still don’t know how many air conditioners are inoperative, so you still need to have someone check on your unit. It will be a while before we can commit our limited staff to that task.


Mike Stange reported to me that all Resort Collection units at Majestic have been checked. No damage was reported. They can make door keys for you at the Edgewater Beach main office. Until internet is restored, they cannot make door keys at Majestic.

Mike said that they are coordinating with various agencies to rent Majestic units to first responders. But they need to get the contracts in place first in order to make sure that they/you will get paid. So it may take a day or so.

With all of the havoc created by the storm, there will undoubtedly be some unpleasant rental situations. Please try to be careful who you rent to. If someone moves in and doesn’t pay, or tears up your unit, it may cost more to fix it than you made in rent.

Thank you again for your patience.

Jimmy Lewis
Majestic Beach Resort Condominium Owners Association, Inc.

11212 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32407