Dear Majestic Owners-

As of 7:00 pm (Central Time), Hurricane Michael, now a Catagory 3 Hurricane, has winds of 120 mph. Panama City Beach is expected to experience Tropical Storm Force winds shortly after midnight. Hurricane force gusts are expected as early as 8:00 am Wednesday morning. As reported earlier today, Majestic Beach Resort is closed. Power and water is shut off until the storm passes. Once emergency services reopens the area, and staff is able to get to the property, we will be able to turn the power and water back on. This will also be dependent on power availability to the areas as well. We will send out a mass email with an update once we are able to access damage and safety to the property.

Some owners have asked about the floor coating for Tower 1 that was scheduled for this week as well as next week. Valcourt crews worked late through the night on Monday and Tuesday in order to complete floors 18 - 23 of Tower 1. We still do not expect these floors to reopen until Monday morning, at which time they should be fully cured. The next scheduled group of floors to be coating, 12 - 17 in Tower 1, is still scheduled to begin at 7:00 AM on Monday, October 15th, meaning the units on these floors must be vacant by no later than 6:30 AM, Monday morning. The floors will be closed the entire week for coating and curing, and will reopen on Monday, October 22nd. Of course this all depends on the results of Hurricane Michael. However, unless we report otherwise, floor coating will resume as scheduled. Visit the association website, link below, for overall painting schedule

Please continue to monitor this storm closely. We will provide updates as new information is available.


Paul Shamblin,
Majestic Association Management
11212 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32407