Dear Majestic Owners-

We hope you are doing well today. The Majestic Painting Project is going along smoothly so far. Mother Nature continues to be kind to us with very little rain (" knocking on wood "). Next week mark an extremely important target for the project as we begin the first section of north walkway coating ( Front Beach Road side walkways ). As per our schedule that has been emailed, snail mailed via USPS, and posted on the association website, beginning Monday morning at 7:00 AM, crews will begin rolling the first coat of waterproofing on Tower 1, floors 18 - 23. This means the units will need to be completely vacated on these floors by Sunday evening, October 7th and will not reopen until the morning of Monday, October 15th.

As for the project to date, crews have painted all walkway walls and ceilings on Tower 1 and most of Tower 2. Additionally, crews have begun painting doors on Tower 1 in order to get ahead of the floor coating where possible. Below are some photos as well as links to the project schedule, Q & A, and the association website. Should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email, or by phone 850-258-2260.


Paul Shamblin,
Majestic Association Manager
11212 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32407