Senate Bill 1146 - Discrimination: Postsecondary Education
Dear Friend of CMA,

CMA has been a friend of the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) for a number of years, and President Brad Dacus has spoken at our seminars. PJI brought to our attention this week the latest information surrounding Senate Bill 1146 ( SB-1146) which is  currently under consideration in the California Legislature.

SB-1146 is not going away and threatens to handcuff up to 42 colleges and universities in California that are operated by religious groups (Catholic, Protestant, or otherwise). The bill, if enacted, will prohibit Christian colleges and universities from operating their school on the basis of their religious beliefs.

It will cut-off students who wish to attend one of these Christian Colleges from state grants or low cost student loans, and generally continue to promote the secular humanism agenda .

We at CMA encourage you to read the latest update from Brad and the PJI. To learn what you can do to help prevent this measure from becoming law click 

To read SB-1146 in its current form, click HERE.

An article that will help you put the legislation in perspective can be found HERE. 


Steve Boersma