August 20, 2020

Dear St. Rita Family,

We were off to a very good start this school year. There was wonderful cooperation and a very positive attitude here at the school. Faculty, staff and students embraced the guidelines and procedures we had established to make this a safe place. Then, today, we found that two of our students had tested positive for Covid-19 and several others have been in close contact with them outside of the school day. We will now start our remote learning program in the interest of being as safe as possible. It will begin Friday, August 21, and continue through Friday, September 4. On Tuesday, September 8, our hybrid program will start again (See additional information below from our Principal, Mr. Iacovelli.). Please note we do not believe the virus was contracted here at St. Rita and that exposure here would be minimal due to our safety precautions.

As we move on we will continue to adjust to make this the safest and most productive experience possible. An updated and expanded edition of “Procedures and Guidelines for the Opening of St. Rita High School” is linked below reflecting what we have learned to date. This edition includes expectations related to remote learning.

Our teachers have worked hard throughout the summer to improve the quality of our remote learning. The quality of our remote learning equipment will also improve, in the near future, because we are receiving new equipment through a federal grant. Because it is a federal grant we had to work through our local educational agency, the Chicago Public Schools. Our orders are in and we are waiting on delivery.

Thank you for your cooperation and support. We wish you all good health and pray for those who are ill.

St. Rita, Pray for Us!

Dr. James Quaid, Ph.D.
Dear St. Rita Family,

As Dr. Quaid’s letter referenced above we will be going to Remote Learning for the next two weeks until September 8, 2020. Please see the E-Learning Expectations on page 7 of the St. Rita of Cascia Opening Guide Fall 2020. The document is linked below. This will explain what your son will need to do to make the most of his E-Learning experience.

The schedule for full Remote Learning will be similar to the regular schedule except for one day. Students will have full Remote Learning on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Your son will be expected to be on Zoom, on time, for every period of the school day. Wednesday will be a day for all students to make up work that did not get completed and meet with teachers for private or semi-private Zoom sessions to provide necessary tutoring for unlearned skills or concepts. The schedule is attached to this document as well. Please print it out and place on the refrigerator and ensure your son follows his schedule.  

While we prefer in-person learning we cannot look at remote learning in a negative way. This is our only alternative to keeping your son(s) and all our families safe and to continue his education at the highest level possible. We have been preparing for this eventuality all summer.
St. Rita of Cascia High School is committed to doing everything to keep our students safe. Please be our full partner with this important responsibility and encourage your son(s) to social distance and follow safety protocols at all times in and out of school.  This will benefit all of us, especially your children.

God bless you and your family, stay safe, and we will see you soon.

Mr. Sante M. Iacovelli II