March 20, 2020  

New Updates:
1.   The Michigan Department of Education released a memorandum today declaring that virtual online learning that occurs during the mandated closure can not count as instructional time.  I have been in contact with our Superintendent of Lutheran Schools, Mr. Travis Grulke, and he has assured me that as a non-public school this will not apply to our online instruction.  Mr. Grulke met virtually today with the Michigan Association of Non-public Schools leadership. They are not in agreement with this decision. Furthermore, as non-public schools, Lutheran schools are not bound by this decision. As a result, we will stay the course. Our plan is to continue to provide all of our students with an online education that is based on standards that build necessary skills for the conclusion of this school year.

2.  Some parents have requested how to join the " Principal All School 2019 - 2020" Remind group, so that they can receive the videos that I've been sending.  Here are the directions to do so if you are not in that group:
* Go to the Remind app
* Scroll down on the left side
* At the bottom it says "Join Class"
* The code to Principal All School 2019 - 2020 is:  @ spalkaps8

I will continue to provide you with updates as necessary. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to navigate these new and unchartered waters.

Relying on and trusting in Jesus,
Mrs. Palka