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March 18, 2020

Re:        COVID-19 Update

Dear CMG Providers,

Essential updates for today:

  • Please join us tomorrow at Noon for a conference call where we we provide important updates about issues related to Covid-19. Click here for the invite

  • We have expanded our webpage and have all of our Covid related updates available for review. We will be updating further over the next few days. Click here for our web site.

  • Testing enters are open and expanding. Quest and Labcorp both report increasing capacity and opening of processing facilities in multiple locations. This will dramatically improve turnaround time in the near future. Supplies of sample kits are the next issue as they are running low.

  • We are also working aggressively to broaden the scope of telephonic and audiovisual visit codes and have been lobbying Hartford. Governor Lamont's executive order today approved audio only remote visits for Medicaid. See here for more details on today's order.

  • Small Businesses Eligible for SBA Disaster Relief. Connecticut small businesses impacted by COVID-19 are now eligible for up to $2 million in SBA emergency relief loans. Click here to read CBIA’s announcement.

  • The Connecticut Department of Banking released guidance yesterday on questions related to specific issues facing state-chartered banks and credit unions during the outbreak of COVID-19. Click here to read the guidance memo.
  • A list of Connecticut chartered banks, along with others, with links to their websites can be found here.
  • A list of Connecticut chartered credit unions, along with others, with links to their websites can be found here.

  • CMG has reached out to its partnering insurance broker, People’s United Insurance Company, whose affiliate lending department has offered to field requests for credit and address questions from CMG members regarding COVID-19 related banking issues. Please visit People’s website for additional information. You may also directly contact Ken Nuzzolo (Senior Vice President, Regional Manager, Banking) of People’s United Bank at Kenneth.nuzzolo@peoples.com; 203-338-383942 (office); 203-843-7055 (mobile).

  • As expected there is growing concern that we will face a shortage of clinicians, particularly in the ICU and medical floors. Yale has asked me to send out this survey to see if there are any volunteers who would be willing to work in some capacity if needed to support a potential shortage. If you are interested in offering your services to cover crucial inpatient services, click here. You can send to the fax on the form or email Genesis Aquino and we will pass the information along.

Please forward me any useful information you have, any corrections or updates to the above.

Be safe and be well.


Joseph L. Quaranta, MD

Joseph L. Quaranta, MD
President, Community Medical Group