Your Personal Profit POWER
5 Sessions*
90 minutes each - 5 consecutive weeks

clear, objective, detailed,
rules-based, specific, & focused.

*All sessions will be recorded and available
within 24 hours of the presentation,
along with a .pdf copy of the presentation.

Dear Fellow Trader:

I made my first trade in the summer of 1967. 

That was about 54 years ago!

Since then I have traded, developed strategies and indicators, traveled all over the world teaching my methodologies, and I have amassed an international following for my publications, webinars, and trading strategies. 

Some of the biggest and best professional traders subscribe to my services. WHY? Because they know that what I teach and what I write about and what I give webinars about is 100% objective and rules-based.

In fact, some of the biggest scam artists in the business regularly steal my ideas and pass them off as theirs! Why? Because they don’t have the intelligence or knowledge to develop indicators and strategies as effective and clear as mine. 

I will present a 5 session webinar series to teach you my top notch golden keys to consistent trading success in any market and in any time frame- all based on my vast knowledge and experience.

Join me at this fabulous trading webinar series and learn! Here are the details:
to Consistent Trading Success:
How to UNLOCK your Personal Profit POWER

Here is what you will learn in 5 Sessions, 90 minutes each, in 5 consecutive weeks
(all sessions will be recorded and you can play them back at your leisure anytime you want )
I will teach you my new expansion contraction indicator for the moving average channel. (Thank you Brian Latta & Trade Navigator™ for permission to use this chart ) I have marked the short-term buy triggers.
SATURDAY, 20 NOVEMBER 2021 3:00 - 4:30 PM PT
  • My 6 highest odds, lowest risk timing tools
  • The NEW Setup, Trigger, Follow Through, Maximize trading Model: Intro
  • Organizing and implementing trades using a structured action plan
  • Finding the trades that are right for your account and emotions (super important)
  • 100% objective rules from selection to implementation and exit: precise examples
SATURDAY, 27 NOVEMBER 2021 3:00 - 4:30 PM PT
  • Why traders lose, how traders win
  • How to avoid losing money when you should be making money
  • Taking the trading challenge to CURE lack of discipline and lack of confidence
  • Attitude, Action and Attention
  • The best-guarded secret to conquering fear of loss
  • MANY examples from start to finish
  • Finding the right time frame(s) and trades for you
SATURDAY, 11 DECEMBER 2021 3:00 - 4:30 PM PT
  • Seasonality: a new and purely practical definition
  • My NEW Seasonal Selection Process (taught to me by an AI app)
  • Short-term seasonals in stocks and futures: the discovery process
  • Can you day trade seasonals? YES-Here’s how
  • My TWO BEST 100% rules-based seasonal trading triggers
  • If you have never traded spreads…you MUST SEE THIS!
SATURDAY, 18 DECEMBER 2021 3:00 - 4:30 PM PT
  • You absolutely must get the big moves! Here's how
  • Understanding the COT in a new framework
  • COT as a timing trigger: new insights revealed
  • Recent examples of monster COT moves with timing
  • How to use small speculators COT data
I will also teach you my new approach and indicator for divergence trades and how to set these up on WealthCharts (Chart reprinted with permission from
TUESDAY, 28 DECEMBER 2021 3:00 - 4:30 PM PT
  • Why you must become a specialist in what you do and how to get there
  • Developing market focus is your primary tool to success
  • How to work smart instead of hard
  • 1 hour a day & 2 hours over the weekend - that's all you need, or even less
  • Integrating the next BIG THINGS: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
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Join me at my best webinar series ever. If you have seen my webinars before and you’re familiar with my work, this will be an excellent update and review. Learn my latest additions and applications. If you’ve never seen my work before, get ready for the best education of your trading life!
Everything I teach you will be 100% rules-based and fully objective with no interpretation ever.

All sessions will be recorded and available within 24 hours of the presentation, along with a .pdf copy of the presentation.

See you at the webinar sessions!


PS. In order to provide an opportunity for everyone to get their questions asked and answered I will limit attendance to the live sessions (in other words I think you should register if you’re serious about attending)