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Important Notice!

The next YAG General Meeting will be via ZOOM.

Wed., Feb. 3, 2021, 10 am

We will not meet at the 

Cultural Center of Cape Cod.

Our Special Demo Artist is 

Paul Schulenburg

Our YAG Showcase Member

is Gail Burke

Paul Schulenburg is an internationally collected artist whose work has shoPaul Schulenburg is an internationally collected artist whose work has shown in the Hopper House Museum, twice in solo shows at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and in many group exhibitions at CCMA, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, and Cahoon Museum of American Art. He has appeared over a dozen times in respected national art publications including the cover of American Art Collector. 

~ Learn much more at Demo

All Members Join via Zoom Meeting

Use Link below.

Meeting ID: 84163886102

Passcode: 121212

[If problem, copy and paste Link in address bar]

Note: Meetings are recorded.



The following links were provided by

Paul from his library of videos showing workshops and events held

through his studio.

The third link below includes a TV interview

discussing how Paul has been instrumental in getting artists together via zoom.


NEW . . .

A unique invitation

Calling all Students to join. .

Why Should Students Join Us?

To take advantage of the programs we offer and to get an early start on learning the practical aspects of sharing and selling their art:

 -utilize our indoor, outdoor, and online venues for display and sales, 

- have access to a diverse range of established artists through our growing library of demonstration videos. 

- join our Task Force to strategize and target media platforms and marketing efforts. 

Membership is $40/yr and can be waived for those students expressing need.

(Free membership to those who join our Task Force to increase our media presence).

Contact jan darcy at 

to join or refer students. 

Date of issue: Feb. 1, 2021

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