At the January 26, 2022 Business Meeting, the Bon Air Baptist Church (BABC) congregation approved Church Council’s request to Incorporate BABC. Following this directive, CC has been working with the Reynold’s Law Group to prepare the documents and title search necessary to file our request with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC). On November 14, 2022, we started our incorporation application process with the SCC by filing our Articles of Incorporation. 

In addition to the Articles of Incorporation, we are required to submit our Incorporation Constitution and By Laws and name the Board of Directors. In preparing these documents, CC and the Reynolds Law Group took our existing BABC Constitution and By Laws and modified them to more closely represent our guidance and legal requirements for incorporation.

The attached documents represent our Original and Modified (REV. 01/12/23) Constitution and By Laws. The Modified document, once approved, will become BABC operating Constitution and By Laws and will be filed with the SCC to complete our Incorporation process.

The original document, which is our current operating Constitution and By Laws, has been highlighted to reflect the areas that were removed or revised. The Modified document highlights show the final revision language and additions required for incorporation. Please note, most Items that are marked as removed/deleted in the Original document will be added to the Church Operations Manual.

The incorporation process also requires BABC to name a Board of Directors (By Laws: Article 4; Sec 5) and Corporate Officers: President, Secretary and Treasurer (By Laws: Article 2). After an in-depth discussion with the Reynolds Law Group of the SCC’s requirements and election process for the Board of Directors, it was determined that the Church Council would, in name and action, be listed as the Board of Directors. The positions for President (Pastor), Secretary and Treasurer are already existing positions in our By Laws and will be conveyed as the Corporate Officers in title and responsibilities, accordingly.

Church Council will present and discuss the above information in the upcoming January 25, 2023 Business Meeting. We hope you plan to attend this meeting to hear this presentation and discussion/questions. As per our Constitution and By Laws a vote to accept the Modified Constitution and By Laws will be in a later Special Called or Scheduled Business Meeting.


Church Council of BABC makes the motion that the modified BABC Constitution and By Laws (Rev 01-12-2023) presented in the January 25, 2023, Business Meeting be approved for the final and, immediately effective, Constitution and By Laws for BABC and will be filed with Virginia State Corporation Commission for the Incorporation of Bon Air Baptist Church. 

Original Constitution & By Laws
Modified Constitution & By Laws

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